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Blown-In Insulation Removal & Installation in Clearwater, FL

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Earning Your Lifetime Trust with Reliable Blown-In Insulation

For a reliable insulation installation, contact Climate Design Home Services. Our team is certified by Duke Energy, we hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and Clearwater and Tampa Bay homeowners trust us for our commitment to whole-home comfort and quality workmanship. When you contact us for service, we always send out certified and licensed insulation installers to remove your existing insulation and install new blown-in insulation in your home.

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Earning Florida's trust one 5-star review at a time. See for yourself.

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Need a timely insulation install? Our experience makes all the difference.

Insulating your home with durable, high-quality materials can help you:

  • Save money by reducing your energy bills by up to 11% and decreasing your energy consumption
  • Improve your comfort by maintaining uniform temperatures throughout your home
  • Improve indoor air conditions by reducing the amount of pollen entering your home
  • Keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Increase your home's value by adding insulation as an energy home improvement

Want to enjoy the benefits of professionally installed insulation ASAP? Our insulation experts at Climate Design are standing by, ready to help. We take customer service seriously, which means our insulation experts will take the time to answer your questions, explain our process, and clean up when we're finished. We're proud that our loyal customers ask for the same service technicians yearly and hire us for multiple home services, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.

Call us today and see why we enjoy hundreds of 5-star Google reviews.

Adonay called me ahead of time, notifying me when he was arriving. He was prompt - he arrived wearing his mask and added the booties before entering my property. He is efficient, careful with his work, thorough, and offered no pressure when I declined an offer he made for an additional product. I appreciate his manner - he explains what he will do and then shows me what he did. This is the second year Adonay has been to my home, and I feel very comfortable with his service.

Sally of Clearwater


What Factors Could Affect the Cost of Your Insulation Installation?
  • Square footage and home size:

    Climate Design installs high-quality blown-in attic insulation designed to insulate your ceilings and make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Blown-in insulation is the most commonly used type of material and is moderately priced.

    What will it cost to insulate your home? That depends on several factors. Every home is different and presents unique issues related to the age of the home, size, construction, and condition.

    To determine the cost for your installation, we’ll visit your home, inspect the area to be insulated and calculate the installation cost based on the square footage of the air-conditioned space and any other factors that may apply. We’ll also provide you with a free, upfront estimate for the insulation services you need. Ask us about rebates for qualified buyers from Duke Energy.

  • R-value of insulation:

    R-value measures the insulation's resistance to heat transfer over time with consideration for the type of insulation material and thickness. So, insulation with a higher R-value means less heat entering your home during the summer and less heat leaving your home during the winter, making your home more energy-efficient. Current best practices for home building recommend that attic insulation in Florida must offer a minimum R-30 value. Since 9 out of 10 homes in the U.S. are under-insulated, we can also verify the R-value of your current insulation for you.

  • Removing old insulation:

    If you have a home older than 20-30 years, you should plan on removal as R-value minimums have changed over time. With newer homes, you can add the new insulation over existing insulation to bring the R-value up to 30.

    Removal costs include labor and disposal time, which will pay dividends in the future. Heating and cooling costs account for 50-70% of the energy consumption in American homes. Professionally installed blown-in insulation with the proper R-value can help you reduce energy consumption and your monthly energy bills.


Reliable Blown-In Insulation Removal and Installation in 5 Steps
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    Schedule your insulation services

    Climate Design is one of the few HVAC companies in the area to offer this type of insulation service. We offer free estimates for all our insulation jobs. Please call us at (727) 592-5040 or fill out our easy online scheduling form.

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    We efficiently remove any existing insulation

    If your home needs to have old insulation removed, we'll arrive on time and greet you at your door. Using hoses and collection bags, our technicians will remove and collect the old insulation. We always wear gloves and floor-saving booties while we work to protect your home. Once your home is clear of all old insulation, we'll dispose of it carefully.

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    Relax while we install your new insulation

    We install R-30 blown-in insulation, but we can install higher R-values if needed. Blown-in insulation is cost-effective and energy-efficient for homeowners. It can fill in any cracks, crevices, insulate against sounds, and is fire-resistant.

    We'll place cardboard baffles wherever they’re needed to prevent new insulation from blowing into soffits, mark off the new depth of insulation, and cover any recess lights. Once fully prepped, we'll use a top-of-line blower machine and hopper to install your new blown-in insulation.

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    Enjoy a more comfortable home and lower energy bills

    Most blown-in insulation jobs take three to four hours. If we remove your old insulation and install all-new insulation, it will take a full day. When we estimate your job, we’ll give you an idea of the time it will take so that you can plan ahead. Once we've completed the insulation removal and installation, we'll clean your home of any insulation or debris and answer any questions you may have.

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    Let us know how we did

    At Climate Design, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we want to hear your feedback. If the insulation service didn't meet your service standards, let us know, and we'll do everything we can to make it right.

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Kind Words from Real Climate Design Customers

Friendly, responsive, customer-oriented staff. [Climate Design] did two major jobs in my 82-year-old house. In July, they replaced the AC/heat pump and returned to replace the duct system in cooler weather. They coordinated insulation work. One of the Climate Design reps, Adoni, even prevented the theft of an expensive bike as he questioned the occupant of a pickup truck cruising the neighborhood who entered my neighbor's yard past the gate and had his hand on the bike. My neighbor was grateful! In the course of these two big jobs, I was in contact with at least ten different employees, including sales, office, engineering, supervision, installation -all were polite, knowledgeable, and efficient. I have and will continue to recommend Climate Design and use their services.

-Andie H. of ClearwaterSee all reviews

Give us the opportunity to earn your lifetime trust.

Most insulation contractors in Clearwater can pull off a great job some of the time. But when you want your insulation installation to reduce your energy consumption and bills, you don't want to throw the dice. You need to know the job will be done right—the first time around.

Climate Design is the one insulation contractor to call when you want a consistently reliable and excellent experience for insulation removals and installations. Give us the opportunity to earn your lifetime trust and enjoy having a more comfortable, quieter home and lower energy bills.

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