How to Fix Water Leaking From a Split AC

How to Fix Water Leaking From a Split AC

For Floridians, air conditioners are pretty much the Holy Grail of home appliances. So when it starts leaking water, it’s enough of a reason to cause concern. How much is it going to cost to fix it? How long will it take to be repaired? Does this mean you have to buy a new system?

What Is a Split AC?

A split air conditioner is the type of air conditioner that has two units: One indoors and one outdoors. Therefore, if you have a central air conditioner, you have a split AC.

Generally, people often choose to install a split AC because they are quieter and more energy efficient.

Why Is Water Dripping From My Split AC?

There are several reasons why a split AC could be leaking water. Most of them have simple solutions.

1. Dirty Air Filters

When you turn on your air conditioner, the unit will absorb the heat and humidity inside your home. The AC will then take the moisture off the air, causing water droplets to drop into what’s called a drip pan. If the air filters are dirty, they will block airflow. As a result, those water droplets will freeze inside the unit. The longer you wait, the thicker the layer of ice becomes. Ice being what it is, and Florida being as warm as it is, means that the melted water will then drip from the inside portion of your split air conditioner.

How to fix it: Before getting started, always remember to shut off power to your air conditioner. Ok, now that’s out of the way, how often you have to change the air filters depends on several factors: How many people live in your home, and do you have any pets, allergy sufferers, or smokers. The more of these boxes that you tick, the more often you’ll have to change them.

If you have washable filters, take them out and rinse under a faucet. Once clean, let them air dry for at least a full 24 hours before reinstalling them. If the filters aren’t washable, you can clean up the dirt and debris with a vacuum cleaner.

If they aren’t reusable, you’ll have to purchase a new set. To make sure they filter out as much dirt particles as possible, we recommend HEPA air filters. The acronym stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Absorber. They are the most efficient for homes with allergy sufferers, people with asthma, and pet owners.

2. Rusted Drip Pan

The drip pan we mentioned in the point above may rust with the passage of time.

How to fix it: To replace, first, make sure to shut off your AC. It’s preferable to also do it from the breaker panel. Remove the inside unit’s cover and inspect the pan to see if there are any screws around it. Some models require a screwdriver, while others can simply be pulled out. Install the new pan and put back the AC’s cover.

3. Clogged Condensate Line

When a drip pan is working properly, the water that falls in it is drained outside of your home through a pipe that’s called a condensate line. Because it’s a dark, enclosed, and moist space, it’s a prime location for mold and mildew to grow. To prevent this from happening, flush it out on a monthly basis.

How to fix it: Locate the drain line opening. If you live in a condo, it’ll likely be in your furnace closet. If you live in a single-family residence, it’ll be located on your home’s exterior, right by the condenser unit (the portion of the air conditioner that sits outside your home). Remove the cover and slowly pour one cup of distilled white vinegar into the drain line opening. Let the solution sit for 30 minutes.

For more information, check these step-by-step directions in our article: How to Unclog Your AC Drain Line in 4 Steps

4. Faulty Condenser Pump

Remember how we explained that water in a drip pan gets flushed out of your home through the condensate line? You can thank the condenser pump for getting that done. Regular wear and tear can cause it to become faulty, which is one of the many reasons why it’s always recommended to have regular HVAC maintenance.

How to fix it: You could follow this step-by-step guide to get it done, but we advise calling an experienced HVAC technician to do it properly.

5. Improper Installation

Ok. This would only be an issue if your air conditioner was installed by an amateur, or by a company who wasn’t licensed in Florida to install HVAC systems.

How to fix it: If it was installed by a company, check with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations to ensure they have the credentials to get that type of job done. Then call us to get the job done right.

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