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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Garbage Disposal in Florida?

The average cost of a garbage disposal repair in Florida can cost anywhere between $99 and $222.

The cost range is due to a variety of factors that impact the cost, the main three being:

Below, we’ll break down the factors that can impact your garbage disposal repair cost. While only a plumber can give you a precise quote for your repair, here is some information to help you calculate what your repair might cost.

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Cost Factor #1: Type of repair you need

The type of repair needed (and the cost of the part) is the biggest factor that determines how much your repair will cost.

Depending on the repair, you may only need to replace a part of the garbage disposal. If there are several parts that need repair, the entire unit may need to be replaced, which will increase the cost.

Here are some common garbage disposal repairs:

  • Unjamming a garbage disposal
  • Fixing a disposal that has a leak
  • Unclogging a garbage disposal drain

Cost Factor #2: Validity of the warranties you have

Your garbage disposal may have the following warranties:

  • A parts warranty from the manufacturer
  • A labor warranty from the contractor who installed the garbage disposal

Both can help you save money on the repair if they’re still valid. We’ll explain more below.

Parts Warranty

Garbage disposals come with a limited “parts” warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty covers the cost of replacing or repairing a part that broke because of a manufacturing error.

A parts warranty for garbage disposals typically lasts 1-10 years from the installation date, depending on the manufacturer.

In order to use your parts warranty, you should make sure the warranty is still valid and that you haven’t accidentally voided it. For example, you can void a garbage disposal warranty by putting non-food items down the garbage disposal.

To check if your garbage disposal warranty is still valid, contact the manufacturer directly or enter the make/model number of your disposal on the manufacturer’s website.

Labor Warranty

When your garbage disposal was first installed by the plumbing contractor, it most likely came with a labor warranty.

This warranty covers the cost of any mistakes made by the installer. Most labor warranties for garbage disposals last 1-2 years from the date of installation.

To check if your labor warranty is still valid, contact the contractor who installed your garbage disposal.

Cost Factor #3: Contractor you hire

Typically, high-quality plumbing contractors charge more for repair services.

Experienced contractors are more likely to perform the repair work correctly the first time around. Lower-quality contractors might charge less because they lack the experience needed to handle the job, causing you to pay for repeat work later.

To find a high-quality plumbing contractor, look for the following:

  • Florida license and insurance
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Advance written estimates for all repair work
  • Warranties and guarantees on repair work

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