Why is My Air Conditioning Not Cooling My Home?

Florida’s warm temperatures year round are great…if you have proper AC to help you to keep cool. If you’re dealing with an AC that doesn’t seem to be cooling your home, there could be many culprits. Here are some of the most common reasons why your air conditioning system is lagging.

The Thermostat

If your AC isn’t cooling your home, the first thing you should do is check the thermostat. It’s possible that the thermostat isn’t on the right settings or could have been accidentally set to “heat.” You should check the fan too, it may be in the “on” position and will keep blowing air even if it’s not cooled.

No Power

If it’s not the thermostat, then check the power. This may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s a chance that your appliance isn’t receiving any power. To check the power source, locate the fuse panel and check if either the circuit breaker or the fuse has blown or tripped. You can replace a blown fuse yourself with another fuse that has the same amperage. If the circuit breaker is the culprit, reset the breaker to see if it improves air quality. If your HVAC system continues to have similar issues, it may be an electrical problem which requires an experienced repair tech.

The Air Filter is Dirty

If it’s not the power, then check the air filter. If your air filter is covered in a thick layer of dust and you can’t make out its original color then it’s definitely time to change it. A dirty air filter can cause your AC to not function as efficiently as it could, so if your unit has stopped cooling your home, try changing the filter to see if your home’s air quality improves.

The Air Ducts Are Blocked

If it’s not the air filter, then check the air ducts. If one or more of your air ducts are blocked, your system won’t be able to heat or cool your home efficiently. Your rooms will struggle to reach the temperature you’ve set your thermostat to which means your system is working overtime. Besides decreased air quality, blocked ducts can also lead to health concerns like allergies or asthma attacks. Luckily, blocked ducts are usually something you can fix yourself. Turn your air conditioner on and check to see if each duct is blowing air. If you find one that isn’t, remove the obstruction and airflow should resume normally.

The Outdoor AC Unit is Dirty

If it’s not the air ducts, then check the outdoor unit. One of the most neglected parts of your HVAC system is the outdoor unit, but keeping a clean outdoor condenser is just as important as keeping the indoor filter clean. The condenser cannot function properly if it’s dirty! The first thing you can do is cut any weeds or grass that may have grown around the unit. It’s a good practice to periodically rinse the outside AC unit too. Make sure you don’t spray the unit too hard though, or you could damage the fins and create another problem. After you cleaned the unit, remove any leftover debris with your hands. If your AC still isn’t cooling your home, you may need to contact your local professionals at Climate Design.

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