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What Does “HOLD” Do on a Programmable Thermostat?

What does the “HOLD” button on this programmable thermostat do?

Have you switched from an old manual thermostat to a new programmable one? It can be confusing to decipher the additional settings it offers. Let’s make it easier for you to enjoy the benefits and increased functionality of your programmable thermostat and use its larger digital display.

In this blog, we’ll explain:

  • The Differences Between Programmable and Manual Thermostats
  • Using the “HOLD” Setting Button
  • When Should You Use the “HOLD” Button?

At the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of what the “HOLD” button offers and how to use it.

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The Differences Between Programmable and Manual Thermostats

Why are programmable thermostats more convenient than manual ones?

First, we’ll explain the primary differences between a manual and a programmable thermostat and see why the programmable model offers the unique “HOLD” button.

Manual thermostats offer little functionality and they must be set by hand on the thermostat unit whenever you want to adjust the temperature. A programmable thermostat, however, allows you to “pre-set” a range of different temperature settings in advance to match a chosen day and time of day.

Programmable thermostat models are an excellent choice for homeowners with regular work and social schedules. For instance, if folks are usually not home during a certain part of the day, you can program a higher temperature then, which is an excellent way to save money on energy bills. Having a programmable thermostat allows you to go about your day, knowing that it will automatically follow your preset temperature settings to both save you money and keep your home comfortable 24 hours a day.

NOTE: If you want your thermostat to change temperatures without having to pre-set the schedule, or if you want to adjust the temperature remotely, you may enjoy the benefits of installing a smart thermostat.

Using the “HOLD” Setting Button

Use the “HOLD” button whenever your schedule goes off track.

Now that you know the primary purpose of a programmable thermostat, let’s look at how the “HOLD” button works. It serves as a pause function when you need to break your normal routine.

Let’s say you’re changing your schedule for a few days. You may want to change your thermostat settings for that period of time. But, does that mean you must entirely re-program your regular week once your schedule goes back to normal? No. The “HOLD” button will lock your current programmed settings and keep your thermostat at the temperature you’ve keyed in.

Whatever your preferred settings are, keep in mind that your thermostat is more efficient when you increase the temperature instead of completely shutting down the air conditioning system. You might have experienced coming home from a vacation and the air conditioner working forever to cool down your home. When you shut off the AC system, your home will eventually heat up to reflect the outdoor temperature. Once there is a significant differential between the indoor temperature and your desired temperature, your AC system will struggle to reach that setting.

Ready to break your routine? All you have to do is double check that you’re comfortable with the current temperature of your home, then remember to press the “RUN” button once you’re ready to restart your scheduled settings.

When Should You Use the “HOLD” Button?

Use the HOLD button when you’re taking a well-deserved holiday.

Whenever your household deviates from the usual schedule, it’s a great time to try out the “HOLD” setting. Specific examples for using the “HOLD” button include:

  • Leaving town for a long period of time: If you won’t be home for some time but want to keep your temperature at a steady, moderately high temperature, you can increase your thermostat by 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, press “HOLD” to lock that temperature in until you return.
  • Long weekends: Three-day weekends are great for enjoying your friends and family. Maybe you’re taking a mini-staycation or you’re away at a special event. No matter the length of your outing, you can use the “HOLD” setting to take a vacation from your regularly programmed thermostat schedule too.
  • Particular temperature desires: Perhaps you have guests who are particular about the temperature. Or you have a sick family member who wants to change the temperature. Or you’re leaving for a bit but want your pets to stay cool. Using the “HOLD” setting, you can ensure your loved ones stay comfortable while making it easy to return to your normal temperature routine.

Experience a Reliable Programmable or Smart Thermostat Installation With Climate Design

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Climate Design’s NATE-certified technicians are known for their solid workmanship and skills that meet the most stringent of industry standards. With recognition from our industry and thousands of 5-star customer reviews, we strive to be Clearwater’s premier home services company.

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