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Shower Running Out Of Hot Water? A FL Plumber Explains Why

What’s worse is when this happens regularly or if you’re running out of hot water faster than before.

But why? Why does this happen? That’s where we can help.

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4 Reasons Your Hot Water Runs Out Fast

In this article, we’re going to go over the most common reasons why your shower’s hot water doesn’t last long and the ways you can fix the problem.

1. Sediment Buildup in Your Water Heater

This is the most likely reason your hot water is running out too quickly. It happens because water picks up natural minerals and sediment on its way to your water heater. Then, over time, the sediment sinks to the bottom of the water heater tank because it’s heavier than the water. And if you don’t regularly maintain your water heater, this sediment can lower the available space for hot water, leading to your shower water going cold before you want it to.

What can you do about it?

Luckily, the fix is easy if this is the problem. All you have to do is flush your water heater.

To flush your water heater, empty the tank and clean it out with fresh water. You can do this yourself by following your water heater manufacturer instructions. If you go this route, make sure you follow all safety precautions. It’s very important that you do.

You can also call a local plumbing service to flush your water heater for you.

2. Your Water Heater Is Too Small

If you or your plumber have flushed your water heater and your shower is still running out of hot water, your water heater may be too small.

How big of a water heater do you need?

Good question. Traditional storage water heaters need to be able to hold enough water in the tank to meet the highest demand your family will have on any given day.

How do you calculate what size water heater you need?

You can use this nifty breakdown below. All you have to know is how many people live in your house.

  • 1-2 people need a 30-gallon water heater
  • 2-3 people need a 40-gallon water heater
  • 3-4 people need a 40-50 gallon water heater
  • 5 or more people need a 50-80 gallon water heater

If the number of people who live in your house doesn’t match the water heater size above, you might need to get a larger water heater.

3. Your Water Heater Is Too Old

All good things come to an end. And your water heater is no exception. If your shower runs out of hot water faster than you’d like, it could be that your water heater is too old. But how do you know if the reason for your cold showers is that your water heater is actually just too old?

There are several ways to know if your water heater is too old.

First, how old is your water heater? Typically, they last about 8 to 12 years. If yours is 10 years or older, it’s nearing the end of its useful life, which means now might be the time to replace your water heater.

Second, check for leaks around your water heater’s base. If there’s a leak, you likely need to replace it.

4. Faulty Thermostat

Many people don’t know this, but the thermostat on your wall isn’t the only one in your home. Your water heater has a thermostat, too.

Whether you have an electric water heater or gas water heater, the first thing you’ll want to do is try resetting your thermostat. See if that works. If not, you can then try raising the temperature on your thermostat to see if it’s simply an issue of the thermostat telling the water to heat at the wrong temperature.

If neither of those troubleshoots work, you may want to schedule a time for your local plumber to take a look.

Contact Climate Design for Water Heater Services in Clearwater, FL

Does your hot water run out too fast? It’s no fun when you’re trying to enjoy a warm shower and the water goes cold.

If your shower is running out of hot water too quickly for your liking, Climate Design can help fix that. Give us a call to schedule an inspection to find the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible.

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