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How Much Does It Cost for a Plumber to Snake a Drain in Florida?

Are you tired of water backing up into your sink or shower drain? Are you dealing with a toilet that won’t flush properly?

We know how frustrating these problems can be. The good news is, a professional plumber can quickly unclog the drain and restore proper water flow to your plumbing fixture.

So, how much will it cost to hire a plumber to snake your drain?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $89 to $450 for a professional drain clearing in Florida. The cost to clear the drain can vary depending on the following factors:

  • The location of the clog
  • The severity of the clog
  • Labor fees

We’ll go into each of these factors in detail below and share some tips to help you choose the right plumber for the job.

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Factor #1: The location of the clog

Your home’s plumbing system consists of a main sewer line and several secondary lines that connect various plumbing drains to the main line.

The cost to clear a secondary line is usually less expensive than the cost to clear the main sewer line. Most secondary line clogs are easy to locate and access, so a plumber can use a standard plumber’s auger (“snake”) to break the clog and restore proper drainage. However, a main sewer line clog is located deeper in the plumbing system, requiring more advanced clog removal equipment to reach the clog and clear it.

In addition to the location of the clog, the overall cost to clear the drain also depends on the clog’s severity.

Factor #2: The severity of the clog

Some clogs are more difficult to clear than others. More difficult clogs increase unclogging costs because the work takes more time and may require special equipment.

For example, a significant clog caused by a solid substance (such as hardened cooking grease) will usually cost more to clear than a small clog caused by a softer material (like toilet paper).

A plumber will generally use a standard plumbing snake for most simple clogs. However, if the clog is tough, they may need to use more advanced equipment such as a powered drain auger or a hydro-jetter, which uses high-pressure water to blast through difficult clogs. A clog requiring more powerful equipment will raise the overall cost of the drain clearing.

Factor #3: Labor fees

Depending on the type of clog you have and the plumber you hire to clear it, there may be additional fees or costs, including:

  • A service call fee: A “service call fee” or a “trip charge” covers the cost of the plumber’s time and travel expense to visit your home and diagnose the cause of the clog. Some plumbers charge for the service call as a separate fee, while others bundle it into the overall cost of the drain clearing.
  • A video camera inspection fee: If the plumber needs to use a drain camera to find the location and cause of the clog, they may charge an additional fee. That said, a drain camera will help the plumber locate the clog more precisely, cutting down on the time needed to clear the clog and complete the job.
  • Additional repair costs: Some clogs can lead to bigger problems. For example, a clog left untreated for a long time can increase pressure in the pipes, which can eventually cause the pipe to leak. If a plumber finds additional leaks or problems while attempting to clear the clog, they may recommend extra repairs, which will increase the cost.

Before you hire a plumber, verify their experience and check their reviews

Before you hire a plumber to clear the clog, you should make sure they are reputable and have the necessary experience to handle the job.

Here’s why: An inexperienced or unreputable contractor may not thoroughly remove the clog, which means you may have to pay for a drain clearing again shortly afterward. In the worst-case scenario, an inexperienced plumber may accidentally damage your pipes while attempting to clear the clog, leading to expensive repairs. It’s best to hire a qualified and experienced plumber for the job to avoid paying more than you need to.

To verify the overall quality of a particular plumber, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the plumber licensed and insured?
  • Has the plumber been in business for at least ten years?
  • Does the plumber offer a written cost estimate before they begin any work?
  • Does the plumber have positive customer reviews on Google?

If you can answer “yes” to the questions above, the plumber will likely do high-quality drain clearing work, and you’ll have a positive experience working with them.

Want a reliable Florida plumber to clear the clog?

You can count on Climate Design’s experienced plumbers to provide reliable drain clearing services thoroughly and correctly. With availability all week long, extended service hours and weekend service too, they’ll be there when you need them most. They also back up your job by providing a warranty on their plumbing work as part of a complete maintenance plan.

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