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How Much Does A Kitchen Sink Installation Cost in Florida?

Looking to install a new kitchen sink? In Florida, the cost can range from $650 to upwards of $1,000.

If you’re wondering what a new kitchen sink installation will cost, that depends on several different factors, including:

  • Style of the sink
  • Material of the sink
  • Size of the sink
  • Labor and installation costs

While only a certified plumber can provide you with an exact price for a kitchen sink installation, this article will help you estimate where yours will fall on the range. We’ll go into further detail on each cost factor below.

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Cost factor #1: Style

The style of sink you choose will significantly impact the installation costs. In general, farmhouse or apron sinks are the most expensive option.

There are three common styles of kitchen sinks:

  • Drop-in sink: This style is the least expensive to install. Sometimes referred to as a “top mount” sink, drop-in sinks are placed right into the cabinet base, making them more manageable (and less expensive) to install or replace. The downside is that you may lose some counter space since the sink has a visible rim that sits above the countertop.
  • Undermount sink: The cost for an undermount sink installation is in the intermediate range. Undermount sinks are an attractive option for a more modern-looking kitchen because they’re installed from below and appear to sit flush with your countertops with no visible rim. However, due to this seamless look, they are more laborious to install. They also may not be a viable long-term option for wood countertops as there’s less of a protective water barrier around the sink.
  • Farmhouse or Apron sink: This sink design is one of the more costly options to install. Earning its name from traditional farmhouses without indoor plumbing that needed their sinks to be manually filled and drained, this type of sink is essentially a big basin. The nickname “apron” sink comes from the front of the sink being completely visible. Due to the style, you’ll probably need to have a custom cabinet base and countertops that can accommodate the height of the basin, which will definitely increase the overall cost.

Cost factor #2: Material

The material of the sink you choose will also greatly impact your installation costs. Typically, fireclay sinks will cost you the most money.

To understand the various sink materials available, let’s take a look at the most common kinds, in order of least to most expensive:

Acrylic: Sometimes referred to as “solid surface,” acrylic is an artificial material that’s lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to install. However, it’s not a very durable material and is also heat-sensitive. So, it’s possible to create scratches and stains on the surface.

Stainless steel: If you want a quality sink at a reasonable price, stainless steel is the way to go. It’s durable, heat-resistant, lightweight, and easy to clean and install. That said, stainless steel scratches easily so it may not be the kind of sink you’ll want to have, long-term.

Enamel: Enamel sinks are made from heavy porcelain-coated cast iron and can last decades with proper care. However, this material is also prone to chipping, stains, and scratches, and may not stand up to vigorous scrubbing or rough usage. So, installing such a high-maintenance type of sink may not work for you.

Fireclay: A common material for farmhouse sinks, fireclay provides the classic look you get with enamel but with much greater durability. Made from clay glazed at incredibly high temperatures, it’s highly heat resistant and provides better protection against scratches and stains. For this increase in quality, you’ll pay more for a fireclay sink.

Cost factor #3: Size

The larger the sink size you install, the more it will cost you.

Kitchen sinks are typically sold in single, double, or triple basins, with triple basins being the most expensive.

Most modern kitchens tend to have a single, large basin that’s a catch-all for dishes, with a single drain in the middle. Despite being a single basin, you could end up paying the same amount as a double basin of equal size for a given style.

Cost factor #4: Labor and installation

Like most home improvement services, you should factor in the labor costs associated with your new kitchen sink installation. The cost will depend on how much your contractor charges, but typically high-quality plumbers are usually more expensive.

For example, if a plumber removes the old sink or moves drain lines incorrectly, you risk the possibility of leaks and water damage. And water mixed with Florida’s humid climate can cause mold, which is expensive to remediate.

To avoid incurring consequences from poorly-trained workers, choose a dependable, experienced plumber who knows what they’re doing and will install your new kitchen sink safely and correctly. Because the kitchen sink is one of the most used plumbing fixtures in your home, the peace of mind you’ll receive is priceless.

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