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Cost to Replace Your Sewer Line in Tampa

If you’ve noticed sewage backing up into your plumbing fixtures or pooling underneath your crawl space, basement, or landscaping, you most likely have a severe sewer line problem.

It’s important to get the line repaired as soon as possible because sewer line issues can cause water damage and pose health hazards to your household. Depending on the sewer line’s condition, you may be looking at a replacement instead of a repair.

How much does a sewer line replacement in Tampa cost? Homeowners in Florida can pay anywhere from $400 to $2,500, with the average cost around $800.

To better understand how the cost varies, we’ll take a look at several factors that affect the cost of a sewer line replacement:

  • Length of Piping Required
  • Replacement Method
  • Piping Material
  • Contractor You Hire

In this blog, we’ll cover the cost factors above in more detail to give you a better idea of how much it will cost you to replace your sewer line.

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Length of Piping Required

Partial sewer line replacements will always be more affordable than total sewer line replacements. More extensive sewer line replacements require more piping, increasing the materials and labor needed to complete the job. Therefore, the cost of replacement will increase as well.

For example, a professional plumber may recommend replacing the entire sewer line if it has multiple leaks. However, while the upfront cost can seem high, replacing a deteriorating sewer line will save you money on inevitable repairs or replacements.

Replacement Method

Most plumbing contractors will use a trench or trenchless method for your sewer line replacement. The conventional trench method is typically more affordable than a trenchless sewer line replacement, but the cost of cleanup can exceed that of the trenchless method. The cost-benefit ratio between the two depends on your plumbing contractor’s rates.

Trench Sewer Line Replacement

The traditional trench method, known as “dig and replace,” requires excavation. The plumber needs to dig up your old sewer line and replace it with new piping.

While the trench method has been used for a long time and costs less on average due to its simple equipment, the amount of labor and cleanup time required can contribute to a higher replacement cost. For example, cleaning up and restoring a lawn or carport after a trench method replacement can add significantly to the cost of the project.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Trenchless sewer line replacement omits cleanup costs entirely because no excavation is needed. Instead, the plumber will employ a newer method called pipe lining or bursting.

Pipe lining is a process that allows a new pipe to be threaded through the old one by digging two small holes instead of the entire pipeline. This method is usually reserved for repairing partially broken sewer lines.

Another method is called bursting, in which a plumber inserts a new pipe through one end of the sewer line that fractures or “bursts” the old pipe apart.

However, the trenchless sewer line method is more cutting-edge, and not every plumbing contractor keeps the type of equipment needed on hand. So, the extra cost of obtaining this equipment may be factored into your sewer line replacement charges.

Which is the Best Method?

To determine which method would work best, a plumber can perform a camera inspection to assess and locate the damage first instead of digging up your entire sewer line. Sewer line camera inspections can potentially add to your replacement cost, depending on whether or not the contractor adds it into the total cost of your job.

Finally, depending on the condition and location of the damaged sewer line and your home’s general layout, the trench method may be your only option.

It’s best to discuss with your plumber to determine which method works best for your sewer line issue and budget.

Piping Material

The type of piping needed for installation has a huge impact on your costs.

Most pipes in Florida come in three types of material:

PVC or ABS Piping Material:

Most sewer line replacements employ PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) materials. PVC or ABS pipes are easy to install, tend to be the most affordable piping materials, and work well with trenchless replacements.

Copper Piping Material:

In general, copper pipes are more expensive than PVC or ABS pipes, but they are of better quality and will last longer.

Cast Iron Piping Material:

Cast iron piping is highly durable, more affordable than copper, and customarily found in older homes. However, this piping material is difficult to replace, and it corrodes or rusts more easily.

If your home currently has cast iron pipes and they’re rusting, or you see discoloration in your water, the plumber will recommend a total sewer line replacement with PVC or copper as a long-term solution.

Which Piping Material Is the Best?

After a plumber inspects the material used in your existing sewer line, they can help you choose the best material for your repair or replacement, while taking into account local codes in your area.

Contractor You Hire

Reputable and licensed plumbers that are more experienced typically charge more for their services. However, the upfront cost is worth it when it comes to a project as complicated as a sewer line replacement. You don’t want to risk paying for a poorly done job.

To find a high-quality plumbing contractor, we recommend double checking that they have:

  • Decades of experience listed on their website
  • Proof of licensing and insurance listed on their website
  • Positive reviews from fellow Tampa homeowners on Google and Facebook
  • Upfront written guarantees of work to be completed

Ultimately, it pays to hire a contractor who will get the job done right. Not only will you avoid paying to fix a poor replacement, but you’ll also enjoy peace of mind.

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