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7 Electrical Upgrades to Consider for Your Parrish, FL Home

Electrical upgrades are a great way to add value to your Parrish, FL, home while enjoying more convenience. Whether you have young kids running around or live on your own, you can choose the right additions that are perfect for you. Check out some of the top electrical upgrades available for local homeowners.

1. New Outlets

Many homes around the country have outdated outlets with just two spots for prongs. Grounded outlets work with bigger and more modern devices but are also safer. They have a pole outside that absorbs the power when lightning strikes.

Electrical contractors ensure that your new outlets work with your existing panel and circuits. You’ll also get outlets that work with your appliances without causing power surges. Upgraded outlets can prevent electrical fires as well.

2. Modern Lighting

Smart lighting is a great way to keep your home safe when you’re not there. Some of these fixtures work with an app you can access on your phone to turn them on and off as needed. Turning off lights when not in use will also assist with saving on your energy bills.

Dimmers are also a great option and incredibly simple to operate. One of the main benefits is adjusting the brightness of your lights while saving energy in the process.

3. Charging Stations

Charging stations free up some of the outlets around your house and give you a convenient place to charge your devices. Choosing the right spots for the stations will also ensure you can use your phone or tablet as it charges. You can even select stations that work with both Android and Apple devices.

4. Wireless Thermostat

A wireless or smart thermostat is one that you control via an app on your tablet, phone, or computer. It allows you to adjust the temperature when you’re not home. You can also turn on the AC before you leave the office to find a comfortable temperature waiting when you arrive.

Another benefit of a wireless thermostat is that you can schedule when and how long it runs. Some models will also learn the settings you like and automatically adjust themselves when needed.

5. Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can keep your home cooler on a hot day and work well on days when it’s not hot enough to run the AC. With a remote-controlled model, you don’t need to get out of bed to turn it on and off or deal with pesky cords. The remote lets you move through the settings.

Installing a ceiling fan often involves a number of steps beforehand, all of which should be done by a licensed electrician. They’ll be able to walk you through the process from start to finish. In the end, you’ll no longer worry about climbing on a chair to turn anything on.

6. Whole-Home Surge Protector

A surge protector is a device that absorbs the power produced by lightning strikes and other surges before they reach your electronics. Many are small enough to tuck in an out-of-the-way spot. They can run up to five or six devices at the same time.

A whole-home surge protector is suitable for your entire home. It has a built-in design and sits in a central location. The protector will keep your expensive electronics and appliances safe, no matter the weather. If you plan on putting your house on the market, it’ll make your abode that much more attractive to future buyers.

7. Invest in a Generator

You never know when a storm hits, and poof, the electricity is out for hours. Avoid that situation altogether with a generator. One system will be able to power up your entire home.

Choose the Right Electrical Upgrades

The right electrical upgrades can range from a wireless thermostat and smart lighting to remote-controlled ceiling fans, a whole-home surge protector, charging stations, and buying a reliable generator. Turn to Climate Design for the electrical services your household needs.

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