How the World Would Be Different Without Air Conditioning

How the World Would Be Different Without Air Conditioning

Living in Florida, air conditioning is an essential part of our daily lives. It’s hard to imagine what our world would look like without this modern day marvel.

5 Ways the World Would Be Different Without Air Conditioning

We at Climate Design know the importance of a working AC unit, which is why we have created a list of some the possible ways the world would be different without AC.

1. No More Movie Stars

In the 1920s, no one had his or her own air conditioning units at home. However, movie theaters were often air conditioned, making them a great escape from the oppressive summer heat. It is no coincidence that the 1920s also began Hollywood’s Golden Age, shaping the movie industry today.

2. People Would Be Meaner

When the heat goes up and the AC is out, we can all get a little grouchy. However, living in a world where we are never able to escape the blistering heat would make the summer almost unbearable. People would be much more irritable if they had to deal with the oppressive summer heat without AC.

3. Rooms Without a View

Big city’s wall to floor windows featured on skyscrapers makes for an impressive looking building and great views. These large windows are made possible by air conditioning. Before AC, windows letting in tons of light were not preferred as they would heat up buildings too quickly in the summer. Without AC, all windows would be small and able to open up to allow a breeze.

4. More Skin Disease

Air conditioning makes it possible for us to stay indoors during the summer. Before AC, it felt better to be outside all day than indoors. While being outside is fun, staying out all day during the summer can lead to a higher risk of diseases like skin cancer.

5. We Wouldn’t Live in Florida

Before AC was common in private homes and business, hardly anyone lived in Florida. The summers were just too hot for many people to feel comfortable. After air conditioners started showing up in homes, Florida saw a sharp increase in population. It’s safe to say that without AC, Florida wouldn’t have nearly as many residents.

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These are just a few ways we at Climate Design believe a world without AC would be different. Luckily, we will never know for sure. For all of your AC needs, call the experts at Climate Design.

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