Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Regular maintenance helps protect the investment that you have made in your home. Finding and fixing minor issues early also helps you avoid performing major repairs later. The cooler winter weather is the ideal time to accomplish those tasks you put off during the sultry days of summer.

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

These maintenance tips will help you prepare your home for the transition to cooler weather.

1. Inspect Your Fireplace

While a fireplace can take the chill out of a cool evening or create a romantic atmosphere, it is important that your fireplace and chimney is in good working order. A dirty firebox or chimney may not vent properly, which can allow smoke and carbon monoxide to fill your home. A buildup of soot can also cause a chimney fire.

2. Change Your Air Filters

As colder weather sets in, you will probably close your doors and windows, which limits the amount of fresh air entering your home. To increase comfort and indoor air quality, change your air filters every month. Consider having your ducts cleaned. Changing filters and cleaning ducts reduces the chance that you will recirculate dirt, dust and possible allergens into your home. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans. When you sign up for our Energy Savings Agreements, we can help you stay up to date with tasks like these.

3. Weatherproof Your Home

Summer heat can dry out weatherstripping materials like caulk and rubber seals. Inspect doors, windows, and areas where utility lines pass through walls. Weatherstripping will make your home more energy efficient, which will help save money on your utility bills. These openings also enable pests to enter your home.

4. Drain Your Water Heater

You should drain the sediment from the bottom of your water heater annually. Sediment builds up over time and can compromise the energy efficiency of the appliance. The minerals can also clog pipes and fixtures.

5. Service Your Heating System

Check to ensure that your heating unit works properly before winter arrives. You do not want to have your system fail when you need it most. Regular maintenance can prolong the service life of your heating and cooling system. A well-maintained system is also more energy efficient.

Prepare for Winter with Climate Design

If you need assistance preparing your home for winter, call or schedule an appointment online with one of our experienced technicians. In addition to ensuring that your heating system operates at peak efficiency, we can inspect your water heater. Our team will help you keep your home comfortable this winter.

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