Why Dishwasher Water is Backing Up Into Sink

Why Dishwasher Water is Backing Up Into Sink

Having the water from a dishwasher back up into the sink can be a frustrating and stressful experience. Most have had a similar experience once before in their lives. Below are several reasons why the dishwasher is backing up into the sink.

Why Dishwasher Water Backs Up Into the Kitchen Sink

Clog In The Sink

This may seem like an obvious reason, but it does cause water to back up from time to time. Cleaning the sink with a heavy-duty drain cleaner, or using a drain snake to free the blockage will fix the problem in most cases. If the sink still remains blocked, then a technician may be needed to resolve the problem.

Drain Plug

Garbage disposals come with drain plugs to drain the water from the sink or dishwasher. When the plug becomes blocked, water will back up into the sink. After unplugging the power from the disposal, check to see if the plug is clogged. If it is, clear the debris. Newly installed disposals have the plug still installed and may be the cause of the problem. If it is, just remove the plug.

Block In Drain

The dishwasher should never have a pool of water in it after use. If there is a pool, check the drain in the dishwasher. Remove any food particles that may be causing drainage problems. Also, be sure to check the drain hose. The drain hose may have developed a kink or have residue built up due to using the wrong detergent. Removing the kink and cleaning the hose with vinegar should solve the problem.

Problem With The Air Gap

In many sinks, there is an area called the air gap near the faucet. The air gap acts as a backflow prevention system and can become clogged after extensive use. The first sign that the air gap is blocked is water will be leaking from the top of the gap. Unscrew the top and look for anything that may cause the gap to be blocked. If nothing is seen, then a more serious problem could be occurring that will need the assistance of a technician.

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