Which Heater System Is Right for Me?

Florida is obviously more tropical than most states, but that does not mean homes here in the Sunshine State do not need to be heated. However, picking the right heating system for homes requires some expertise. Choosing a system too large or too small can lead to problems. Luckily, there is the perfect heating system for every home, and this blog will help you figure it out.

Consider Fuel Types

The cost of the energy used to operate heaters and furnaces should be considered. An expert in HVAC can estimate how much energy a heating system will use during a typical winter in the Clearwater area. Electric-fired and electric heat pumps are popular options in warmer climates due to the lowered demand for heat. Natural gas, propane, and oil are other viable options. Every normal residential home will have access to electricity, but rural areas may not have natural gas. Propane and oil fuels can be delivered almost anywhere. Compare the cost per year for each fuel type available.

Heat Pumps

The efficiency of heat pumps diminishes as the temperature drops. People who like to heat up the house on a cold morning may find they seriously lack the ability to do so if they rely solely on a heat pump for heat. Heat pumps should be used during transitions of seasons to take the chill off when it is not yet cold enough to turn the furnace on.

Insulation in the Home

Some homes may lack sufficient insulation, or they may be drafty. A cool windy day feels even colder when there is little insulation or draft leaks around windows and doors. Upgrading insulation and re-sealing around doors and windows should be done when upgrading a furnace or heating system.

Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better

A heater or furnace that is too powerful will cycle on and off quickly. The occupants will notice the home gets hot really fast and then cools off. A properly sized heating system for the home provides even heat that keeps the interior temperature constant day and night whether it is cool or downright cold outside.

Forced Air Versus Hot Water or Electric Baseboard Heat

Some people prefer the even heat of baseboard heaters that are either heated by electric elements or flowing hot water. Hot water systems are heated by a flame that is fired by natural gas, propane or oil fuel. Some people feel that forced air heat is too dry in the winter, and they opt for baseboard heaters that do not require a blower motor to distribute the warmth.

Contact Climate Design for Your Home Heating Needs

A good way to figure out what type of heating system is best for a home is for the homeowners to contact a trained representative from Climate Design to discuss all needs and preferences for home heating. There is a workable and affordable solution for all Florida homeowners’ home heating needs, and we can help you find it.

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