What’s Harming My Air Ducts?

What's Harming My Air Ducts?

The air ducts are one of the most important parts of your air conditioning system. Without air ducts, cool air wouldn’t be able to travel to different rooms throughout your home. Because the air ducts are an integral part of your AC system, it’s important to make sure they’re working efficiently and are free of any damage. Damaged air ducts not only impede air flow, but they can lead to higher energy bills and poor indoor air quality as well. And while you may assume your air ducts are safe, think again! Here are some of the things that could be harming your air ducts and what you can do about it:


It’s not uncommon for critters to find their way into your air ducts and wreak havoc on your entire system. Animals like rats, mice, squirrels and other various rodents can become trapped in the ductwork and cause lots of problems for you and your HVAC system. Besides potentially chewing through the ductwork and causing air leaks, animals can die in your system and cause odors to permeate throughout your home. The best way to prevent a potential critter mishap is to animal-proof your home and air vents.

Old Age

While air ducts can withstand the test of time with proper cleanings and maintenance, if your air ducts are older than you, they could be harming the rest of your AC system. Over time, aging air ducts can cause air to leak, which means your home won’t be cooled efficiently and your energy bills are likely to increase. To combat this issue, make sure you regularly clean and maintenance your air ducts or replace them when the time comes.


More so than critters and old age, humans are one of the most harmful things your air ducts endure! Anytime someone goes into your attic, whether it’s you, an electrician, the cable guy or someone else, your air ducts are in danger. Air ducts can easily be stepped on, knocked over, dented and punctured. Next time you or another person is working in the attic, make sure you know where the ducts are located so they can be avoided.

Save the Ducts!

If your air ducts have been damaged and aren’t working as efficiently as they once used to, call the professionals at Climate Design today. Our team of trained technicians will quickly diagnose and assess any air duct issue so your home can feel its best. To learn more about Climate Design and what we can do for you, contact Climate Design today!