What Not to Do With Your AC This Fall

What Not to Do With Your AC This Fall

Many Florida homeowners eagerly look forward to the fall months because of the cooler weather conditions. While Florida temperatures may still be rather warm throughout much of the fall, the slight decrease in the temperatures can mean that you are less reliant on your cooling system. This can lead to valuable savings on your energy bills. While you may enjoy using your home cooling system less during the fall, there are a few things that you should not do with your AC system.

Do Not Turn It Off

Some homeowners may be inclined to turn their cooling system off entirely. With cooler air in the morning and at night, and with them being gone at work during the day, this makes sense. However, when you turn your system off entirely, high levels of humidity can creep into the home. This can impact climate control and can even lead to mold growth in some cases.

Do Not Forget About Maintenance

You may use your cooling system less than you did in the summer, but maintenance is still important. The most important maintenance tip is to change your air filters regularly. This may also be a great time to schedule annual maintenance service because the HVAC companies are not as busy during this season.

Do Not Forget to Adjust the Settings

A final tip is to remember to adjust the programmable settings on the thermostat. You may not need to keep your home quite as cool during the evening as you did during the summer. Making a small adjustment to the settings can help you to save money on energy costs while still enjoying a pleasant environment at home.

Keep Your AC in Top Shape With Climate Design

You may be far less reliant on your cooling system for indoor climate control during the fall compared to the summer months, but this system nonetheless is vital for your comfort. Climate Design is the company to contact for any type of HVAC service request, and you can contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.