What Does an Energy Saving Agreement Cover?

Your home’s heating and cooling system uses a significant amount of energy, and you may be looking for ways to reduce energy consumption to save money on utility bills. An energy saving agreement with your HVAC service provider is an excellent idea, but you should be aware of what is covered by this agreement. With a greater understanding of what this agreement entails, you will be able to make a more informed decision about how to care for and use your HVAC unit.

Annual Maintenance Service

One of the property features in an energy saving agreement is regular maintenance service. Your system will operate with peak efficiency when it receives a routine tune-up. The tune-up includes cleaning the components, replacing the filters and identifying repair issues that may be developing. Repair issues can be remedied earlier before they become problematic and impact the operation of your HVAC unit.

Test for Leaks

In addition to cleaning and servicing the unit, the energy saving agreement will also test for various types of leaks. For example, it may include testing for gas leaks. A gas leak can pose a danger for you and others in the home, and it can inflate your utility bills. Other leaks may also be identified, such as Freon or refrigerant leaks in the AC unit, carbon monoxide issues and more.

Monitor the Thermostat

Your thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature in your home, and this will have a direct impact on your energy consumption. An energy savings agreement may include a diagnostic inspection of the thermostat and calibration if necessary. This will ensure that it continues to operate as needed to control the temperature in the home without wasting energy. In some cases, a technician will determine that the thermostat is no longer working and may provide a new one, or recommend a suitable replacement. Replacing the thermostat before it completely dies is a great way to avoid unnecessary downtime with your HVAC unit.

Contact Climate Design to Start Saving Money With a Service Plan

The terms and inclusions in an energy saving agreement can vary from one service provider to the next, so smart homeowners will contact their AC company for specific details about the terms of the agreement. Climate Design offers a comprehensive agreement to its customers to help them improve their system and to keep energy costs at bay. To learn more about the energy saving agreement available to you through Climate Design, contact our office to schedule an appointment today.