Ways to Maximize Your Automated Thermostat

Ways to Maximize Your Automated Thermostat

An automated thermostat is one of the best tools that homeowners can use to keep heating and cooling costs lower all year long. However, in order to make the most out of this equipment, you will need to follow a few basic tips. These tips will help you to maximize the benefits of your automated thermostat to save money throughout the year.

Program More Temperature Adjustments

Some homeowners only have a couple of temperature adjustments programmed in their thermostat, but if you are like most people, you may benefit from more. For example, you may drop the temperature at night while you sleep, but you may find the home to be a bit too chilly once you start moving around. You can program a slight upward adjustment during your wake-up time, and another adjustment can be made when you leave for work.

Change the Settings Each Season

Another idea is to change the settings each season. The money-saving temperature settings will be higher in the summer months and lower in the winter months. During the spring and fall, the settings may need to be adjusted more frequently based on whether you are running the heater or the air conditioner for the next few days. While this can take some time to do, it ultimately can help you to enjoy the most savings.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Another tip is to use your ceiling fans. Automating your thermostat will provide you with a suitable amount of climate-controlled air in the home, and ceiling fans can help your system to circulate this air for better results. The ceiling fans can benefit you throughout the year by helping your HVAC system to function more efficiently. However, just remember that ceiling fans cool people, not rooms, so bump up the thermostat a few degrees while running a ceiling fan.

Got AC Issues? Contact Climate Design

Programming an automated thermostat and using it in conjunction with ceiling fans can help you to stay comfortable indoors while also reducing energy costs. Climate Design is the HVAC company to contact for assistance with your heating and cooling system. Call us today to schedule the service you need for your home’s system.