How Unlicensed Contractors Can Cost You

When your AC breaks in the middle of summer, staying cool and getting your appliance functioning as soon as possible is your biggest priority. Although the last thing you probably want to do is go through a laundry list of contractors. Finding the right contractor is important and should be given a lot of thought and consideration. Unlicensed contractors often advertise less expensive rates than licensed contractors, but hiring someone who is unlicensed can cost you more in the long run.

An Unlicensed Contractor Is Bad News for Your AC & Your Wallet

Hiring an unlicensed contractor is risky for many reasons. First and foremost, an unlicensed contractor may not have met certain standards or possess the experience and knowledge to properly repair or in install an AC unit that a licensed contractor has. Unlike licensed contractors, unlicensed contractors don’t have to have worker’s compensation insurance. This means if they are injured on the job, you could be personally liable. Unlicensed contractors aren’t required to meet any set of standards, so you may end up paying for terrible quality. One of the biggest risks you run is that unlicensed contractors aren’t contractually bound to finish a job like licensed contractors are. If they back out of a job, you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Signs Your Contractor Is Unlicensed

The best way to protect yourself from an unlicensed contractor is to do research, but here are some things to look out for:

  • There is no license number on advertisements. A licensed contractor is required by law to display their license number on all media—this includes any advertisements and printed materials.
  • They request a large down payment. If a contractor requests a large down payment prior to starting any work, be wary. Similarly, if a contractor asks for money on multiple occasions during the beginning stages of work, they are more than likely unlicensed.
  • The contractor won’t give you any referrals or references. This is a big red flag. It’s always a good choice to ask for referrals or references before hiring a contractor. If a contractor is hesitant to share any referrals or references, they may be hiding something.
  • The vehicle doesn’t contain a company name or a license number.
  • They ask you to make checks payable to their name or they ask for cash.

Your air conditioning system is one the most expensive appliances in your home and like all appliances, they’ll require upkeep or replacement over time. Although unlicensed contractors may try and lure you in with gimmicks and advertised low prices—don’t be fooled. Do yourself (and your AC) a favor and opt for a licensed professional. A licensed technician will ensure that your money is being used appropriately and that the work is being done the correct way. The technicians at Climate Design are highly trained and will provide you with honest service. With Climate Design you can keep your cool and be confident in knowing you’re receiving the best service possible. Click here to contact your local AC professionals today.