How to Turn Off and Repair a Water Heater Gas Leak

Having a funking smell in your house isn’t the most pleasant experience. However, when you smell rotten eggs, you could be in danger. If you smell sulfuric acid or “rotten egg” odor in your home or work, then this could indicate a gas leak. When dealing with a possible gas leak, it is vital to turn off your gas at once, as the gas you smell could harm or even kill you.

To turn off gas to the water heater, follow these steps and make sure you do it safely:

Step 1

Clear a path to the water heater, making sure you have access to the gas pipe and valve.

Step 2

Locate the gas pipe that feeds gas into the water heater, keeping in mind that the pipe line can be located above, to the side or behind the water heater. Once you have found the line, twist counter clockwise until it stops. You will know it is turned off when the handle is cross ways from the path of the pipe.

Step 3

Remove the flexible gas line. Replace it with the new line that has a protective polymer coating on it. The new gas line should terminate no further than two feet off the ground, and no closer than six inches to the ground. Once all the connections are snug.

Step 4

Open all windows and doors in the house to allow any remaining gas escape.

Step 5

If you still smell gas, check to make sure that the water heater has indeed been turned off.

In this case, you should shut off the gas at the meter and call your gas company immediately.

Water Heater Safety Tips

Keep the area around the water heater clear. Never store any type of combustible on or near the water heater. Many people use the top of the water heater for storage, but this area should be kept clear. The water heater needs proper ventilation to prevent any type of fire hazard.
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