Top 3 Things To Do for Leap Day 2016 in Tampa Bay, Florida

Things To Do for Leap Day 2016 in Tampa Bay, Florida

If you’re a South Florida resident looking for something fun to do on Leap Day 2016 — that’s Feb. 29 — then you won’t have to look far. Tampa Bay in the winter is delightful — with a mild weather pattern, gorgeous beaches and miles upon miles of coastal wildlife and vegetation. If you’re ready to make a memory on Feb. 29 — which occurs in years divisible by four, like 2016 — then read on to get our top three tips for fun activities to explore in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Tip #1: Swim with the Fishies

Or least admire then behind expansive glass windows at the impressive Florida Aquarium. Boasting one of the state’s most beautiful displays of fish and vegetation, you’ll get as close to the region’s most prized and stunning fish as you can without jumping in the water yourself!

Tip #2: Take a Stroll

You’ve got gorgeous beaches for strolling in Tampa — and you definitely should put in a few miles. But if you want to experience a walk that doesn’t get sand in your toes, then head over to the Tampa Riverwalk. People-watch, shop and take in the peaceful views of the bay at sunset.

Tip #3: A Drive with a View

While you’re touring Tampa, don’t be afraid to get in your car and drive around. You’ll get some of the most amazing views of the bay by taking a leisurely drive over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Not only is this bridge impressive in its architecture — but it’s a perfect drive for taking in a sunset as the Florida sun disappears into those spectacular waters.

Ensure a Leap Day 2016 To Remember

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