Toilet Won’t Flush

Toilet Won't Flush

If you are known as the do-it-all handyman around the house, then chances are you’ve heard “the toilet won’t flush!” more than a couple of times. This phrase is usually followed by “but it’s not my fault!”

Attempting to pinpoint the issues that are preventing your toilet from flushing can be aggravating to say the least, especially when you don’t know what to look for.

The Top 3 Most Common Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush

Listed below are some of the most common reasons as to why your toilet isn’t flushing and ways to deal with them.

1. The Toilet is Clogged

Without getting into too many details, there are a variety of different things that might be clogging your toilet. When your toilet is clogged, further flushing only makes the situation worse. It’s not pretty, but the best and most efficient way of dealing with a clogged toilet is with a classic plunger and bucket.

Use the plunger to create a suction around the base of the toilet bowl, and begin to “pump”. Eventually, you will see the clog flush down the drain.  Once the clog is cleared, it will move down the pipe. Make sure you have a bucket filled with warm water and a few tablespoons of bleach ready once the toilet is unclogged. Sanitize the plunger by dipping it into the bucket, leaving it clean and ready until next time.

2. Not Enough Water in Toilet Tank

One common issue with flushing is that the water level is too low in the tank. The water level should be about one inch below the top of the tank’s overflow tube. If the water is lower then this, one solution is to check the water valve. Sometimes, it is accidentally turned off, in which case it can easily be switched back on. After switching it back on, watch to make sure that the bowl refills to the correct level, then flush to make sure everything is working correctly.

3. Problems with the Water Tank

When there is nothing externally wrong with the toilet, it is sometimes necessary to look in the tank for the problem.

One common tank issues is a broken lift chain. The lift chain is the device which attaches the flapper to the handle used to flush the toilet. When the chain is broken or damaged, the toilet is unable to flush. This is an easy fix as simply replacing the chain or adjusting its lengths can solve the problem

The rubber flapper is a small, yet important piece. Controlled by the lift chain, the flapper releases water when the toilet is flushed and seals off the tank afterward. Sometimes, this small part can become bent or misshapen. This too is an easy fix. Simply turn off the water and drain the tank, then replace the old flapper with a new one.

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These three are some of the most common reasons that your toilet may not be flushing. If you have tried to remedy the problem yourself and still have a non-flushing toilet, give the professional plumbers at Climate Design a call, and we’ll get your toilet working again before you hear “It still won’t flush!”

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