Is Your Toilet Running? Well You Better Go Fix It!

Is Your Toilet Running? Well You Better Go Fix It!

Is your running toilet driving you crazy? There is no reason to let a broken toilet annoy you and your family. Running toilets waste water and money, but luckily they’re an easy fix. If your toilet flushes, but doesn’t know when to quit, give these DIY fixes a try!

A Quick Overview

Before you can fix your toilet, you need to know how it works. While each toilet is different, they each work on the same principle. The best way to understand how your toilet works is by examining it first hand. Take off the tank lid and give it a couple of flushes. As you watch the tank empty and fill up, you’ll notice a few things:

A chain is lifted up every time you push down on the handle. This moves up the flapper at the bottom of the tank and allows the water to escape. When you release the handle, the flapper should cover this hole and the tank should fill back up with water.

A plastic float should be resting on the top of the water. This float signals the valve to let water in when the water is low and to stop letting water in once the water level is high.

There is an overflow tube in the middle of the tank. This drains water into the bowl when the water level gets too high.

Again, your best bet for diagnosing the problem is by removing the lid and watching all of this happen. You’ll be able to see what is going wrong, and what is responsible for your running toilet.

Check For Slow Leaks Around Your Toilet

If you suspect that your toilet is slowly leaking, there is no need to watch it for hours to confirm. All you’ll need is a few drops of food coloring. Add enough food coloring to your toilets tank to change the water’s color. Do this right before you go to sleep after you are done using the toilet for the night. The next morning, check and see if your toilet bowl water has changed colors. If so, then water has been slowly leaking from your tank to the bowl overnight. Now all you have to do is figure out why!

Look at the Toilet Flapper Inside the Tank

The most common reason for a running toilet is if the flapper is not closing properly. There are several reasons this could be happening:

Check the chain. The chain is a common reason for flapper problems. If the chain is too long, it may be getting stuck under the flapper and preventing it from closing. Trim the chain to lessen its slack. The chain may also be too short. This can be due to kinks in the chain. Smooth them out, or you may need to buy a new chain all together.

Old flapper. Over time, the flapper may become worn down. When this happens, it will no longer seal off the tank properly. You may need to get a new flapper from your local hardware store.

Check the Water Level in the Tank

In your tank, there is a water line. If the water is not filled up to this line, then the tank causes your toilet to run. The water valve may not be turned on all the way. Turn up the water valve and the tank should start filling up.

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