What Is a Thermal Expansion Valve?

What Is a Thermal Expansion Valve

Do you ever feel like your AC repair man is speaking another language? All the technical terms and names for the different parts of your AC can get confusing. You’re left nodding your head and agreeing with whatever they have to say, even if you have no clue what they are talking about.

Knowing the terms and parts of your air conditioner will not only help you communicate with your AC technician better, it will increase your understanding for one of your most vital appliances. This week, we will be going over the function of the thermal expansion valve (TXV), and explaining the very important job this little part does. Here is a basic guide to everything a homeowner needs to know about their AC’s expansion valve.

What Does an Expansion Valve Do?

As you may already know, your air conditioner cools your home by using a liquid called refrigerant. Your AC takes the refrigerant and turns it from a liquid to a gas which then cools your home’s air.

This process is made possible thanks to the expansion valve. This integral part removes the pressure from the refrigerant while it is still liquid, allowing it to change into vapor in the evaporator. The refrigerant enters the valve as a hot liquid, but leaves as the cold vapor that cools your entire home.

Common TXV Issues

While frost on the suction line may be an indication of a thermal expansion valve problem, this can also indicate other system issues. The best way to check the performance of your TXV is by having a professional check the temperature of your unit’s vapor, also known as the superheat:

  • Superheat is too high: There is not enough refrigerant.
  • Superheat is low: There is too much refrigerant.

These are just two examples of what may be wrong with your TXV. There are a wide range of issues that could be causing your expansion valve to malfunction. Beware going the “DIY” route when it comes to your TXV, as you may end up turning an easy fix into a costly repair. Always call a professional if you suspect any issues with your expansion valve.

The Trusted Professionals

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