There’s a Frog Stuck in My Pipes, and Other Plumbing Issues That Only Happen in Florida

Living in Florida can be a great experience. It is a beautiful part of the country with some of the warmest weather throughout the year. Although there are many benefits to living in Florida, there are also drawbacks. These can include some weird plumbing issues. Here are a few of the most common plumbing problems occur in Florida.

Pipe Scaling

Because Florida’s aquifer, the source of most of the state’s water, is rich in minerals, scaling can occur. This condition happens when the minerals start to build up on pipes, which easily clogs pipes, creating pressure and flow issues. Fortunately, certain products that can help prevent or eliminate mineral build-up.

Corrosion of Pipes

Chlorine is used to keep Florida water safe for drinking, bathing and cleaning. Although the amounts of chlorine are minimal, it can end up causing corrosion, which can lead to leaks. Regular plumbing maintenance checks will help alert homeowners to corrosion, and the plumber can repair any potential cracks before the problem gets out of hand.


Many of Florida’s animals thrive in the state’s wet environment, including its lakes, rivers and springs. It is not unusual to discover that pipe problems are caused by an animal that took refuge in the wrong hole. Snakes, frogs and even squirrels, rats and mice can get stuck in pipes. Call an expert to assess the issue and avoid injury to the animal and the homeowner.

CPVC and Copper Pipes Cannot Handle the Florida Elements

Many older homes have copper pipes, which, depending on the quality of the installation and design, can function perfectly well for decades. However, in some areas of Florida, the pH value of the water can react with the copper, eroding pipes faster than normal. This has led many homeowners to replace copper pipes entirely, although this is not always necessary and some of the alternative materials can have just as many issues. For instance, CPVC, a common pipe material, will quickly become brittle and crack.

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