How to Snake a Bathtub Drain

How to Snake a Bathtub Drain

How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain

If you have long hair or live with someone who does, you’re probably all-too-familiar with clogged bathtub drains. As we shower, we shed strands of hair, and over time, this hair build ups within our bathtub drains. The result? A huge glob of wet, slimy hair blocking your bathtub water from draining properly. While a hair clogged bathtub drain can be a nuisance, the problem can be easily remedied with a few simple steps:

The Drain Claw

A quick and easy way to unclog a bathtub drain is to use a drain claw. Start by removing the drain cover and tub stopper and clean underneath the surface of the drain. Next, take your drain claw to clear any deeply inset clogs. Using the drain claw, draw the buildup out, making sure not to push it in further or it can clog the drain more than it already is. Move the drain claw in a twisting motion around the opening of the drain. Because the drain claw has hundreds of tiny hooks, it will allow you to easily grab the hair and pull it out.

Baking Soda + Vinegar Mixture

If you don’t have a drain claw lying around, you can utilize household products to unclog a drain too. Simply combine ½ cup of baking soda with ½ cup of vinegar and mix. Remove the drain cap and pour the mixture quickly down the drain and let sit for a couple of minutes. As the mixture fizzles up, pour hot water down the drain. This should break up any residue with the drain and remove any clog.

Shop Vacuum

Shop vacuums can actually be pretty great tools for unclogging drains. Simply prepare your shop vacuum for liquids and cover up the vent to avoid a potential mess. Attach the hose to the shop vacuum and place the hose in the drain. Once turned on, the device should draw up debris into the water trap and collect in within the vacuum.

Call Your Local Plumber from Climate Design to Unclog Your Bathtub Drain

While you may be able to fix some plumbing problems yourself, it’s important to know when to call a professional. If you’ve attempted to unclog a drain yourself to no avail, call Climate Design right away. One of our trained technicians will be able to quickly diagnose and assess any issues and clean any blockage that may be occurring in your bathtub drain. Don’t risk making a small problem into a bigger one! Call Climate Design today for all of your HVAC and plumbing needs.