When Should I Replace My Home’s Ductwork?

Should I Replace My Home's Ductwork?

It doesn’t matter if you have the best air conditioner on the market. If you have old and holey ductwork, your home just can’t feel comfortable.

Reliable ductwork is a must for every home. So when something is going wrong with your ducts, it’s important that you have a professional look at them right away.

When to Replace Your Home’s Ductwork

If you’re having trouble with keeping your home comfortable, look out for these problems that may be caused by ductwork.

You’re Experiencing Inconsistent Temperatures

One of the biggest telltale signs that you need new ductwork is a temperature inconsistency throughout the house. If one room is exactly the right temperature, but the others just aren’t getting the air they need, it’s most likely a problem with your ducts.

Temperature inconsistencies usually occur when all or a part of your ducts are damaged. The air escapes from the ducts before it can reach individual rooms, leaving some parts of your house comfortable, and others with virtually no central AC. This air may be escaping because of holes and dents caused by age, overuse or animals.

While a simple fix may be all your ductwork needs, replacing all or part of your ducts may be the solution to your home’s temperature problems.

You’ve Recently Replaced Your Air Conditioner

Many homeowners are frustrated when they install a new air conditioner, but their home still just doesn’t feel comfortable. After all, they’ve just spent a large sum of money on a new system, so why isn’t it doing anything?

Believe it or not, there is most likely nothing wrong with your system. The problem comes from having a new AC and old ducts. Your new air conditioner may be too powerful for your old ducts to handle. This causes holes and tears in your ducts, meaning you lose air.

If you are planning on replacing your old air conditioner, make sure that your ducts are strong enough. However, it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and update your ducts at the same time you install a new AC.

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