Why Are Some Rooms Colder Than Others?

Why Are Some Rooms Colder Than Others

We’ve all had that fight. It’s boiling in one room, but an icebox in the other. One person wants the temperature up when the other needs it down. There is no middle ground, no compromise; only passive aggressively changing the thermostat settings while your roommate/sibling/spouse isn’t looking.

6 Reasons Why One Room Is Colder Than Others

But what causes this crazy conundrum? Is your AC broken? Does it need to be cleaned? Have ghosts haunted a single room in your home, leaving it colder than the rest? Don’t call for an exorcism just yet. If going from one room to another feels like traveling from the Bahamas to the Arctic, it might be one of these common causes.

Not all heating and cooling problems are your AC’s fault! Sometimes, the way your home is laid out can cause improper cooling.

Some issues with your home or air conditioner that may cause a temperature imbalance include:

1. Multi-level Homes

If your home has a single thermostat, and multiple levels, then chances are you’ll experience some improper cooling. Since heat rises, the hot air will go to the rooms upstairs. With only one thermostat, your AC has no clue about the temperature difference and stops cooling whenever downstairs is cooled, leaving upstairs stifling.

2. Room Placement

If a room is closer to the condenser unit, it will get colder, faster. This means that while one room may be nice and cool, the AC hasn’t had a chance to cool the rest of the house yet, causing some temperature inconsistency.

3. East Facing Rooms

Some rooms may just get more sun than others. Rooms facing the east tend to be warmer than others in the morning, as they get the most sun.

4. Insulation

Poor insulation in part of your home can lead to some areas of the house being hotter than others.

5. Airflow

If parts of your air ducts are bent, leaking or holey, then air might not be delivered to all parts of your home. This leaves the rooms with insufficient airflow warmer than the others.

6. Return Air

The return air vent is where your AC pulls out the warm air from your home to make room for the cool air. Many homes simply do not have enough return air vents, meaning that not all the warm air is being pulled out.

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