Which Way Should Toilet Paper Hang?

Which Way Should Toilet Paper Hang

It’s one of the most ancient arguments of all time…which way is the right way to hang toilet paper?  Spouses, siblings and even the occasional cat have all debated which way is ultimately superior, over or under?

Which Way Should Toilet Paper Hang?

The choice of over or under is largely a choice of personal preference. Defenders of either position cite various advantages ranging from cleanliness to paper conservation. Here are some arguments for the over/under debate:

Ease of grabbing and pure habit are the two main reasons people use for their arguments when it comes to hanging their toilet paper one way or the other.


Some of the particular advantages for the over orientation include reducing the risk of accidentally brushing the wall or cabinet with one’s knuckles, which could transfer germs. Other advantages include making it easier to visually locate and grasp the loose end of the sheet. Finally, over is generally the direction in which manufacturer’s face the toilet paper for packaging.


On the opposite side is the argument for under orientation. Arguments in support for the under orientation include that it provides a tidier appearance, and if placed in a recreational vehicle, may reduce the risk of unrolling during driving. Lastly, by using the under orientation it reduces the risk that a toddler or pet will unroll the toilet paper when playing with it.

So, is it over or under then? After looking at the arguments above we can come to the conclusion that this age-old debate will continue to be just that…a debate. While front-facing rolls seem to make the most sense overall, your preference will dictate which way you hang your roll. Those with young children or pets may find the under orientation superior. Despite all of the great arguments in this multi-faceted, incredibly significant debate, you need to roll the toilet paper in the direction that best suits your lifestyle.