Qatar Proposes to Build an Air Conditioned Arena For 2022 World Cup

With the Brazil World Cup behind us, the world is already looking forward to the upcoming World Cup in Russia. However, it’s the World Cup approaching in 2022 that has caught our attention at Climate Design. When Qatar won the 2022 World Cup bid, they knew they would have to come up with a creative solution to keep both players and fans cool. Qatar has a harsh summer climate with temperatures reaching up to 106°F in the summer. Because of this, Qatar has proposed state of the art air conditioned stadiums that will protect everyone from the blistering heat. At Climate Design, air conditioning is our passion, so we are excited to see what new technologies this could bring to the world of home comfort.

The Future of AC

When it was first announced that the World Cup would be held in Qatar, many had their doubts. People feared for the players’ safety and believed the tournament would need to be moved to winter. However, Qatar soon unveiled their plans to create completely air conditioned stadiums to keep the fans and players refreshed. The same technology will be used throughout entire neighborhoods of Qatar so fans can stay cool no matter where they enjoy the game. So far, Qatar has not revealed exactly how they plan to keep their open air stadiums cool, but they have promised we will see “innovative technologies”.

Successful Prototype

During the Brazil World Cup, Qatar opened a fan zone for spectators to enjoy the game. The open aired venue was cooled using a secret prototype of the ACs that will be used for their World Cup stadium. The open air fan zone was about 20°F cooler than the outside heat. Qatar hopes to cool the actual stadiums even more. The fan zone seated 500 fans and ran off solar panels. There is still a lot of work to be done if Qatar plans to cool down a stadium filled with 86,000 fans, however this working prototype is a sign that Qatar might be able to pull it off.

An Impossible Dream?

While Qatar insists that these stadiums will be built in time for the world cup, there are some who believe this technology could be impossible. This possibility threatens Qatar’s World Cup, as FIFA might take away their bid if there is no AC in the stadiums. Qatar remains confident that these new air conditioning technologies will be ready in time for the 2022 World Cup, and plan to start construction on at least five of the stadiums by the end of the year.

Whether it’s a World Cup stadium or your home, staying cool is important. If your home feels as hot as Qatar in the summer, give the experts at Climate Design a call today and discover how we can solve all your HVAC woes.

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