How You Should Protect Your AC From Theft

How You Should Protect Your AC From Theft

Most people think of their air conditioner as something too big steal so they don’t give much thought to securing it. However, your AC is made up of parts with enough monetary incentive for thieves to steal. A thief familiar enough with AC systems can break it open and strip it of its parts, particularly the copper inside, and sell it. Do not allow someone to cost you thousands of dollars in repairs just so they can make a couple hundred dollars by selling parts. Here are some ways you can protect your AC from being vandalized.

Install Security Screws

Having security screws installed into your AC is the least expensive option when it comes to AC security. These special screws are installed in place of regular screws to better secure your AC as they require specialized tools to reverse them.

These are some of the different types of security screws that you can choose from that will lend added security for your AC system:

– Button Head Machine Screw
– Flat Head Machine Screw
– Button Head Machine Screw
– One Way Machine Screw
– One Way Lag Bolt
– Notched Spanner Machine Screw

AC Cage

A cage will immediately deter any thief from tampering with your AC. Thieves don’t want to be in one spot longer than they need to be. The AC has to stand on a solid surface so the cage can be built around it. Once the cage is secure, it is not something that can be tampered with quickly or quietly.

Set an Alarm

An alarm can also be used to deter thieves. If a thief tampering with your AC sets off the alarm it will alert everyone nearby making it possible to spot the thief as they attempt to get away. This allows you to give more information on the police report.

Consult with an AC Company

AC theft is a problem that affects both residential homes and commercial spaces. If you’re the owner of an AC system, it’s important that you consider securing your system to prevent theft. Climate Design can help with any questions you have. If your AC has been broken into or you believe your AC is at risk, contact Climate Design and we will walk you through the steps you should take.