Pros and Cons of Ductless Air Conditioners

Long gone are the days of traditional central air conditioners. You may have heard other homeowners raving about ductless systems which remove the intricate ductwork from your home and circulate fresh air from an indoor unit. While going ductless may be a great option for you and your home, there are both pros and cons to the AC systems. Here’s what you should know before making the switch:

What Are Ductless ACs?

Ductless air conditioners are very similar to a traditional central AC. Their differences lie in the ductwork—or lack thereof. A ductless system has a similar split design and runs the same refrigerant from the outside units to the inside of your home. While a traditional AC circulates cool air through a series of ductwork, ductless ACs circulate fresh air from a mounted unit that’s usually on a wall or the ceiling.

The Pros of Going Ductless

  • Flexibility. Ductless systems allow homeowners more flexibility because they can choose where they want to install the systems.
  • Lower energy bills. One of the main reasons homeowners make the switch to ductless is for the savings. Because ductless systems allow you to choose which rooms you want to heat or cool, your bills may be lowered.
  • Safety. Ductless ACs don’t use combustible fuels or require venting so they are sometimes considered safer than traditional central ACs.
  • Quick and easy installation.

…And the Cons

  • Cost. A big disadvantage of ductless systems is the initial cost which is about 30% more than most central air conditioning systems.
  • Aesthetics. Some homeowners may not like that the ductless system is in plain view. Although a ductless system is generally less of an eyesore than say, a window unit or large fan, the unit is still more noticeable than a central AC unit.
  • Correct sizing is difficult. Because ductless air conditioning systems are less common, it’s hard to find a technician who can properly install the unit. A big issue amongst ductless AC installation is installing the correct size. Many times a unit that is too large can be installed and cause short-cycling and energy waste.

Despite any cons, a ductless air conditioning system may be a great option for your home. Whichever system you choose, be sure to contact your local professional technicians at Climate Design for all of your HVAC needs. Our number one priority is to make your home comfortable year-round so we work tirelessly to ensure your AC system is working as efficiently as possible. If you’re not sure if you should go ductless, contact Climate Design today to discuss all of your options.