The Courtesy Flush

Courtesy Flush

We all poop…as much as we hate to admit it sometimes. We have to answer the call of nature whenever it strikes; this could be at home, preferably, at school or even at work! These are the places where the implementation of the courtesy flush comes in.

What is a Courtesy Flush?

To start things off, what is a courtesy flush? It usually occurs in the middle of the toilet-sitting session and is performed as a polite act so as not to offend the nostrils of the next user. You flush after you know you’re going to need to light a candle..or just a match!

Do Courtesy Flushes Work?

Depending on what you may have had for lunch that day, a courtesy flush could not only be polite, but entirely necessary! To break it down, the less time any fecal matter is exposed to air, the less time the sulfur compounds found in the poop can spread their wings and make their way to your nostrils, or the nostrils of the next user. It’s also important to note that water can’t simply “cover up” any lingering aromas. Liquids are more than capable of transmitting smells to your stall mate.

Courtesy Flush Uses More Water

Courtesy flushes may be polite, but keep in mind that they are a huge waste of water. In addition, flushing the toilet without closing the lid first can cause a small bathroom space to fill up with a charming concoction of bacteria, known to cause serious diarrhea and inflammation of the colon. No thanks! One could then assume that you could be coating your exposed hindquarters to a fine mist of bacteria after the courtesy flush.

In conclusion, if you’re in the habit of flushing more than once or performing the routine sanitary flush atop the royal throne, it may be wise to reconsider your choice and simply let it lie and let nature take its course!

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