How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

There’s no way around it… water is necessary for our survival. However, water can be a destructive force when it comes to your home. Living in Florida, we must always be prepared for things, like hurricanes and vicious storms. Water damage caused by severe weather can lead to wood rot, peeling paint on the home, insect infestation, a shorter lifespan of roofing and overall higher maintenance costs.

To avoid costly home repairs caused by water damage, examine, identify and repair all leaks and cracks on the exterior of your home. Here are a couple of ways to spot the problem areas and what to do if water damage occurs:

Check for Leaks

Your home is most vulnerable to water damage around windows and doors. In addition, the roof and foundation are also susceptible to leaks. Check for leaks, especially near the corners around windows and doors. Repair or replace any shingles on the roof that may allow water to seep through. The area around the chimney and attic are some of the usual culprits for leaks.

Prevent Future Leaks

You can help to prevent future leaks by regularly inspecting some of the most inclined areas in your home. All vents, including the ones found on your clothes dryer, gable and attic should have hoods, boots and be in good working order. As for the attic and roof, check extensively for holes or air leaks. Make sure that there is enough insulation in the attic to keep the house heat from escaping, and check the bottom side of the roof sheathing for any potential water stains.

What to Do if Water Damage Occurs

You’ve taken all the necessary precautions, but water has still somehow intruded your home. Don’t panic! Shut off your water supply immediately, and remove standing water. Consult a professional, like the ones at Climate Design to assess the damage and determine the necessary repairs.

Preventing water damage to your home is simple and you lessen your chances of any catastrophic damage occurring to your home.

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