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Water Softener Installations in Clearwater, FL

Earning Your Lifetime Trust with Expert Water Softener Installs

At Climate Design, we’re committed to helping you extend the lifespan of your appliances and reduce scale buildup with our high-quality water softener installations. As the only employee-owned plumbing company in Florida, our plumbers are invested in giving you honest recommendations on the best water softener for your needs and budget. When you choose Climate Design for your water softener installation, you can expect:

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Earning Florida's trust one 5-star review at a time. See for yourself.

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Need a new water softener? Our training makes all the difference.

In the market for a new water softener? You deserve a water softener that's configured to work with your area’s hard water and your own needs. To get one, contact Climate Design. We're a certified dealer for Charger Water Softeners, so you know we have the training to provide you with a customized water softener experience.

When you hire us for a water softener installation, we’ll make sure to:

  • Take samples of your water for an independent lab to test for calcium, magnesium, iron, hydrogen sulfide and acidity levels
  • Inspect your home’s plumbing and water appliances
  • Assess your average water demand based on how many people live in your household and the flow rate of your water appliances

Give us a call (even if it’s Sunday!) to get the ball rolling on your custom water softener installation.


How much does it cost to install a water softener in Clearwater?

  • Low: $900
  • Average: $1,200
  • High: $1,800
What factors affect the cost of your water softener installation?
  • The cost of your water softener installation depends on:

  • The capacity of the water softener.

    High-capacity water softeners cost more to install. Climate Design’s plumbing experts will help you determine the best capacity for your needs depending on how much water your household uses, the hardness of your area’s water and how many water fixtures you have.

  • The type of water softener.

    The two main types of water softeners are ion exchange softeners and salt-free water softeners. Ion exchange softeners cost less to maintain over their lifespan than salt-free water softeners. At Climate Design, we partner with Charger Water to deliver high-quality ion exchange water softeners that are affordable for our customers to maintain.

  • The cost of the catalyst agent refill.

    Ion exchange softeners cost less to maintain because they use a cheaper catalyst agent refill. A catalyst agent is a solution used to help water softeners remove hard minerals from your water. This agent must be refilled regularly. Because of that, ion exchange water softeners are cheaper to maintain since they use a salt catalyst agent which costs less than 50 cents a pound. Meanwhile, salt-free water softeners use a potassium-chloride agent which can cost almost a dollar per pound, making the salt-free softener more expensive to maintain in the long run.


Reliable Water Softener Installations in 4 Steps
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    1. Schedule a free water softener install estimate

    When you're ready to schedule with Climate Design, you can call us at (727) 592-5040 or schedule your appointment online. One of our customer service representatives will confirm your free consultation that very day.

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    2. Get pricing on the latest systems

    Our plumber will arrive at your home on time, greet you at your door and evaluate your home’s water. They’ll take samples of your water to test for quality, inspect your home’s plumbing and water appliances and ask questions about your household's water usage. Then they’ll go over how water softeners work and breakdown the types of water softeners we provide.

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    3. Relax while we install your water softener

    Once you’ve chosen the water softener model that is best for your home, we’ll schedule an installation. Most installations take a day to complete, including the time it takes to test the system and give you all the necessary information.

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    4. Let us know how we did

    We hope you enjoy your new water softener knowing that it will keep your dishes, clothes and appliances looking great for years to come. And if you feel we could have done something better, please contact us to let us know what went wrong and we’ll make it right.

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James was most helpful and professional in helping me plan for a water heater and softener. He helped me explore several options, which I appreciated!

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Most home service companies in Clearwater can pull off a great job some of the time. But when it’s your appliances, dishes and clothing needing to be replaced due to hard water, you don’t want to roll the dice. You want the water softener installation done right the first time around.

Fortunately, Climate Design is the one company you can count on for a consistently great experience for home service installs, every time. Our dependable service is why many of our customers stay loyal to us for 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years!

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