Plumbing Maintenance in Clearwater, St Petersburg & Beyond

Plumbing Maintenance Clearwater

At Climate Design, preventative maintenance is more than a check of your faucets. Our 16-point Precision Tune-Up ensures your home’s maximum efficiency and prolongs equipment life. Our Plumbing tune-up takes about one hour per system to complete and is one of the most extensive evaluations in the business. Don’t leave your home’s plumbing maintenance to just anyone; go with the team you can trust. Contact us today to set up an appointment, or keep reading to learn more.

Why Get Plumbing Maintenance Service?

We say it all the time: preventative maintenance can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repair costs. Why? Because regular inspections, what we like to call “tune-ups,” uncover and resolve minor issues fast, before they have the chance to morph into costly disasters. Left alone, leaks can wreak havoc on the structure and contents of your home. However, many small leaks go unnoticed for months, or years, before they start creating problems. In as little as an hour, our expertly-trained technicians can source and assess any potential issues, giving you peace-of-mind and saving you from the headache of expensive damage and repairs.

What Does Plumbing Maintenance Service Include?

– Visually check kitchen supply and drain
– Visually check bathroom sink supply and drain lines
– Clean aerators (kitchen and bathroom sink faucets)
– Inspect electrical connection on water heater and check operation
– Check well pump operation
– Check pressure-reducing valve for city water
– Check pressure switch and tank operation
– Inspect all faucets in house for leaks
– Inspect all gas connections for leaks
– Inspect washer connections and accessible hoses
– Inspect hose bibs and/or hydrants for leaks
– Check toilets for proper shutoff
– Inspect inside sewer ejector system
– Inspect areaway drains
– Inspect sump pump system
– Inform customer of equipment condition money-saving conservation measures and recommend necessary repairs

Contact Climate Design in Clearwater for Your Plumbing Maintenance Service

At Climate Design, preventative maintenance is more than a check of your faucets. We provide professional, NATE-certified experts and customer service, with a goal to give you outstanding support and to help save you time and money. So, call us today to schedule an appointment for your plumbing maintenance and tune-up.

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