Opening Day Tampa Bay: Air Conditioner Ready to Play Ball?

Opening Day Tampa Bay: Air Conditioner Ready to Play Ball?

Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is here again. Our hometown team, the Tampa Bay Rays are ready to play ball this season, but is your air conditioner? Follow these tips to get your air conditioning system ready for a spring and summer season of home run-winning cool times.

Change the Air Filter

It is our duty to remind all who enjoy air-conditioned comfort to be sure to change the air filter in their HVAC system once per month. This ensures that only the highest quality of air will filter through your home while you enjoy the ball game.  

Schedule a Maintenance Check-Up

During our 26-point precision tune-up we will: check and update coolant levels, replace or clean dirty air filters, clean, balance and calibrate the thermostats, inspect and clean condenser and evaporator coils, inspect wiring and connections, check that the unit cycles on and off properly, clean out the compressor housing, check and clean drains and tubing, lubricate all moving parts, and check the area around the unit.

Sign Up for an Energy Savings Agreement

Our maintenance plan ensures yearly coverage of your air conditioner, a 15 percent discount on parts, labor and accessories, improved cleanliness and health, increased efficiency and lifespan of the system, inflation-free pricing, an extended warranty and guaranteed same-day service. We think it’s a grand slam of a deal.

Upgrade If System is Over 10 Years Old

If your AC system has seen its share of hot summer seasons then it may be headed for retirement. Replace your system if the repairs have become unmanageable, it is over the age of ten or you’re worried that you may be left sweating through the playoffs.

Play Ball This Opening Day With Climate Design

Contact us today if your air conditioner is headed back to the minors this MLB season. We’ll get it up to speed and ready to play ball in no time.