Why the Olympics Are Best Enjoyed at Home in the AC

Why the Olympics Are Best Enjoyed at Home in the AC

The 2016 Olympics are about to kick off in Rio but we know the best place to enjoy the events — in the AC comfort of your home right here in the Tampa Bay, Fla. area. Why is your air conditioned home the best place to watch the Olympics this year? Let us explain.

Program the Thermostat to the Most Comfortable Temperature

What’s better than being in complete control over the most comfortable temperature for Olympics watching? The Olympic Games are best enjoyed at home in the AC where you decide how warm or cool the room is and you aren’t forced to stand or sit next to any sweaty people out at a bar or restaurant.
Make sure your AC is maintained before the Olympics begin! There’s not much worse than to sit down to watch something only to begin to boil from lack of cool air.
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Easy Access to Bathrooms During Breaks in Olympic Events

Enjoying the Olympics in the comfort of your own home brings another added benefit — easy access to the facilities when nature calls! After you stock up on your favorite foods and drinks for the events, make sure your plumbing is also up to speed.
Schedule plumbing maintenance now to ensure no breaks during the Olympics!

Make Sure Your Home Appliances Are Clean and Maintained For Guests

Having guests over to watch the 2016 Olympics? Friends and family visits to the home can make for a great time when watching big events like the Olympic Games, as long as all of your home appliances are clean, maintained and ready for anything.
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Keep Energy Use Down While at Home For The Olympics

When you spend a lot of time at home indoors it can be easy to use a lot of electricity. With the air conditioning cranking through the summer heat, refrigerators, oven and other kitchen appliances running, and the plumbing running almost non-stop it is important to try to conserve.
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Contact Climate Design For Home Maintenance Before the Olympics

Get ready to enjoy the 2016 Summer Olympics from the comfort of your home here in Florida, they begin August 5th! Contact the HVAC and plumbing experts at Climate Design now!