Why Do I Need Regular Heat Pump Maintenance?

Regularly scheduled maintenance has been proven to be the cost effective method in keeping household budgets under control. Pennies invested before there are problems will result in dollars saved when eventual failures happen to neglected ventilation systems. No matter whether your climate is the frigid north or our own unique environment in the Clearwater area, the prudent homeowner employs a diligent maintenance schedule for their heat pumps and other HVAC components.

Dirt and Grit

Unseen and out of mind are these vital household systems. When it is time for either maintenance or repair, the main enemy to these systems becomes apparent. Dirt, grime and other foreign matter accumulate and settle on the key components. Moving parts need to be lubricated to ensure ease of motion when called upon. Ventilation systems must be cleaned for an unobstructed and healthy flow of air within the home. Filters changed and pathways checked for blockages. These activities are dirty jobs in a variety of restricted places. The trained professional knows the quickest methods of access that will result in least amount of time the system has to be down. Your local HVAC representative is the best path to maintain a reliable and dependable preventative maintenance plan.

Refrigerant Verification and Other Specialist Tasks

High price appliances and home systems, such as air conditioners and furnaces have vital mediums that must be inspected for leaks. While natural gas has a unique odor, a refrigerant leak is less obvious. Low levels of this vital material can cause systems to run harder, which will result in greater monthly utility bills and shortened life of the unit. A quick and low cost inspection by a trained HVAC service person will lower utility bills. Life extensions of the valuable and often used ventilation systems are achieved.

The residents of the Clearwater and St. Petersburg area have their fair share of horror stories when their air conditioner or furnaces went down. The one common link in this chain is that had they taken preventative actions that most of these emergencies would have been avoided. The prudent homeowner realizes that preventative maintenance for all components of their ventilation system is cost effective. Head off these migraines today by contacting your local HVAC service person and arranging an inspection of these systems. The budget will come in with room to spare when emergencies are prevented.