What Does it Mean When Pipes Smell?

What Does it Mean When Pipes Smell

Wondering what it means when you notice that your pipes smell? Smells coming from the plumbing in your home are somewhat common, though they should not be overlooked. The plumbing in your residential or commercial space consists of a series of pipes, vents, and traps that ensure the proper disposal of waste. Your shower, sink, toilet, and drains are all connected in the same network of pipes that carry wastewater away to the public sewer. If these pipes, vents, and traps are not installed correctly or have lacked necessary maintenance, then you will eventually start to smell the rank odors throughout the space.

Vents, Traps, and the Works

Plumbing Traps

Without proper venting, drains can build up pressure or not have enough pressure to dispose of waste. High pressure often results in a gurgling noise coming from the fixture or a strong odor being emitted due to the pressure forcing sewer gas through traps. Low pressure can cause draining in the traps or sewer gas to be emitted into the house. Both low and high pressure can create an unsafe environment for living. Vents allow for sewer gas to exit drains without escaping into your home through plumbing fixtures. They also allow air in from outside to avoid a vacuum effect from forming in the drains. Traps are set in place as a secondary safeguard for preventing sewer gas from entering your home. They hold water to create a liquid seal in each fixture so that sewer gas can’t escape from the drain.

Why Your Home or Business Has a Sewer Smell

Drain Covers

Properly installed fixtures are crucial when it comes to keeping a sewer smell from entering your home. Here are some reasons why your home or business could be suffering from a foul odor:

  • Lack of required traps or vents
  • Broken seals
  • Air leaking from vent pipes
  • Leaks in one of the vent lines of the plumbing system
  • Loose fittings, corrosion, or holes in vent piping
  • The top side of horizontal drain pipes is rusted
  • Cracked pipes
  • Clogged vents
  • Debris could be collecting in a chamber
  • Dry traps

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