Make a NYE Resolution to Save Money On Your AC!

Make a NYE Resolution to Save Money On Your AC!

This New Year’s Eve, make a resolution to save money! There is no easier or quicker way of doing so than by cutting costs on your AC bill. While we have mild winters in Florida, once summer hits, our bills are going to skyrocket! Start learning the AC habits that will save you money later. And don’t forget to make sure your HVAC system is energy efficient! Here are some tips and tricks to help your stick with your frugal NYE resolution.

Stop Wasting Air

When you’re not in the house, there is no reason to leave your AC set to the same temperature! When it’s cooler outside, move the temperature down about five degrees, and when it’s warmer, move it up five degrees. This will give your system less work to do, saving you money. However, don’t turn off your system all together when you leave the house. The amount of energy required to completely re-cool or re-heat your home is greater than the energy you will have saved by switching it off.

Fan It Out

A fan can help cut on cooling cost in both winter and summer months. During the summer months, switch it on to make a room feel cooler. While this won’t actually lower the room’s temperature, it will make you feel better, meaning you can give your AC a break.

It may sound surprising, but the fan can help you in the winter as well. Most ceiling fans have a “reverse” mode, which will change the way the fan blades move. When switched to reverse, the fan will help circulate warm air and keep you warm.

Schedule an HVAC Check-Up

Having two annual maintenance check-ups a year for your HVAC is the best way to keep it energy efficient. During the HVAC maintenance a technician will come out and clean your entire unit. This keeps your energy bills lower, and your home comfortable.

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your heating and cooling costs, Climate Design can help! Our experienced technicians know all the tips and tricks for the frugal homeowner. Call Climate Design today and start this year!