Does Keeping My AC at One Temperature Help Me Save on My Electric Bill?

The summer months can be brutal here in Florida. Our average temperature during the day can easily reach as high as one hundred degrees. To combat the intense summer heat, we become trigger-happy reaching for our thermostats.

Our electric bills can skyrocket during the summer months due to the dire need for cooler air in our homes. Here, we investigate whether keeping your AC at one temperature can truly help you to save on your electric bill.

DO Touch that Dial

Walk away from this blog knowing one thing: DON’T keep your thermostat at a steady temperature. When you leave your home for the day or even while you are asleep, it is wise to turn your AC up during the summer months in order to conserve energy. Turning the thermostat up will signal to your AC that it doesn’t need to click on as often.

A Smarter Thermostat

To cut down on your electric bills and not have to remember to adjust your thermostat, we recommend getting a programmable house thermostat or a timer for your window units. By installing either of these two devices, you will be able to come to a cool house automatically without running your AC all day. These programmable thermostats work by allowing your home to warm up during the day, and gradually lowering it to the right level before you return home.

Adjust the temperature on the thermostat seven to 10 degrees while you’re away, and your smarter, programmable thermostat will end up saving you up to 10% on your annual heating and cooling bills. You can also further reduce the demand on your system by closing any curtains before you leave for the day. This will help to block the afternoon sun and help to keep your home a little cooler.

Remember, it’s not the best idea to keep your AC at one temperature if you’d like to save on your electric bills. Contact the professionals at Climate Design in order to provide you with all of your AC maintenance and repair needs to keep you cool all summer!