Keep Your Family Healthy This Spring With a UV Light

Keep Your Family Healthy This Spring With a UV Light

Indoor air pollution is a serious hazard to the health of you and your family. On average, indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air!

Air pollution in our homes can lead to serious conditions like asthma, lung disease and respiratory infections, all the while provoking seasonal allergies. Mold and bacteria that build up inside HVAC systems often make up a large percentage of the pollutants in our homes. While air filters catch and trap microbes, even the best filters can’t completely stop germs from contaminating indoor air.

Having a UV light installed in your air handler can help. Learn how the power of UV light can keep you and your family breathing clean this spring!

What is UV Light?

When light shines through water and breaks into various colors, it forms a rainbow of colored light called the color spectrum. The light just beyond the end of the color spectrum is not visible to the naked eye. This light is called ultraviolet light, which is commonly abbreviated to UV light.

How Do UV Lights Work in an HVAC?

It is widely held that the most effective way to reduce germs in an HVAC system is by stopping them at the source. Within your air handler, a UV light kills germs by disrupting their DNA, effectively preventing them for reproducing. Earth’s atmosphere naturally filters UV light, so microbes do not have a built up tolerance to it. When the mold and bacteria cannot reproduce, their populations die off.

A UV light’s effect will begin immediately. In a just few minutes, up to 90 percent of the germs will be sterilized. Within 24 hours, the population will be disrupted beyond recovery.

While killing harmful mold and bacteria is a feat in its own, that’s not the only thing a UV light can accomplish. Here are some additional benefits to installing a UV light in your air handler.

– Reduces illness, as germs are not re-circulated through the HVAC system

– Helps remove harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from air

– Reduces clogging in drain lines by preventing algae growth

– Highly effective in humid climates

– Reduces musty smells and the odor of mildew

– Keeps coils clean, which improves HVAC efficiency and lowers electric bills

Are UV Lights Safe For My Family?

Because a UV light system is installed inside your air handler, which is an enclosed space, there is no danger to any living thing in the home—except for the germs growing in your HVAC system.

Still, it is important to avoid looking at or touching UV lights, as direct contact can be dangerous. It is always safest to have a professional technician handle the installation, care and maintenance of your UV light.

Say Goodbye to Germs With a UV Light!

Indoor air pollution by way of mold and bacteria is a serious threat to your family’s health. Fortunately, UV lights are a quick and manageable solution. With allergy season in full bloom, there’s no better time to take control of your indoor air quality!

At Climate Design, our professional technicians are prepared to equip your air handler with the germ-fighting power of UV light. Call today to schedule an appointment and start breathing cleaner!