Is My AC Unit in Danger of Theft?

Is My AC Unit in Danger of Theft?

Air conditioning units have many valuable components housed within them. These components are essential for the system to work correctly.

Given that most air conditioner units have components that are accessible from the outside, this makes them a prime target for thieves to vandalize. They might steal individual components for their valuable precious metals that can be recycled for a quick profit, leaving you with a non-functioning air conditioner.

What Do AC Thieves Steal?

Thieves might steal the compressor, the large capacitors or other individual components in an air conditioner, but they tend to focus on stealing the copper condenser coil that air conditioners use to transfer heat out of the system.

The reason they focus on stealing the copper is two-fold. It has a high money-to-weight ratio, and it is often left unprotected by businesses and homeowners.

Are You At Risk for AC Theft?

Here are some factors that can put you at a greater risk for AC theft:

Easy Accessibility – The lower to the ground your AC unit is, the more likely thieves are to target it.
Lack of Protection – Do you have an AC cage on your unit? The more layers of security that thieves have to bypass, the less likely it is they will target your unit.
Darkness – Areas without security lights make for a prime target under the veil of darkness. In the case of motion-activated lights, ensure that they activate at an appropriate distance.
Low Visibility – Less visible areas give thieves more cover to work. They will target units where neighbors and you are less likely to see them.
No Home Alarms – A lack of security alarms can make thieves target your AC unit for theft.
No Surveillance – Cameras can deter thieves merely with their presence. A lack of even fake cameras can encourage thieves to target your property.
Your Neighbor Was a Victim – AC unit thieves tend to work in a localized areas. Serial thefts will occur, which means that thefts around you put your unit at a greater risk.

How Can You Protect Your HVAC Equipment?

To protect your AC unit, you can enact a number of security features. You can obscure your AC unit, protect it with an AC cage, or install security alarms and cameras to deter would-be criminals. These will make your AC unit significantly less attractive to potential thieves.

Concerned About AC Damage From Theft? Call Climate Design

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