AC Maintenance Services in Clearwater, St Petersburg & Beyond

Clearwater Air Conditioning Tune Up

Keep Your AC Working Efficiently With Consistent HVAC Preventative Maintenance

The best way to protect the life of any air conditioning and heating system is to make sure it’s regularly serviced. Just like a car, your air conditioning system requires regular tune-ups and cleanings. You can schedule a one-time precision tune-up and professional cleaning, or we offer an annual maintenance program, to help keep your system in tip-top shape. Our Energy Savings Agreement helps ensure you get the most out of your current air conditioning system. Ready to get started? Sign up today, or keep reading to learn more.

Our Energy Savings Agreement Includes:

– An annual, comprehensive, 26-point inspection and cleaning.

– A 15 percent discount on any service, repairs, parts or accessories

– 24/7 Service, 365 days a year.

– Priority scheduling.

For more information about our Energy Savings Agreement, simply give us a call! With all of the benefits included and the money you’ll save on your power bill, this program essentially pays for itself! We also have interest-free payment plans for easy budgeting.

Advantages of the Energy Savings Agreement

Yearly coverage. You will receive an annual precision tune-up and professional cleaning.

Save $$$. Increased efficiency means less run time, which saves you money on your utility bill!

15 percent discount on services, parts, accessories.

Improved cleanliness and health. Maintenance improves system cleanliness, which decreases power consumption and your energy bill. Air typically flows across the cooling coil at least four times an hour. Over time, substances such as dust, mold, allergens and bacteria can accumulate. Without maintenance, it’s likely you’re breathing unhealthy air.

Increased life. The average lifespan of a system is typically 10-12 years when routinely cleaned and maintained. Without a maintenance program, the life can decrease significantly.

Decreased downtime. Catch problems before they become serious. Tightening loose wires and lubricating moving parts can help prevent premature equipment failure.

Increased efficiency. Regularly scheduled maintenance increases the efficiency of the system.

Inflation-proof. Price fluctuation will not affect you for the life of the program.

Extended warranty. When you invest in an extended warranty, it normally requires annual maintenance to keep your warranty in effect.

Guaranteed same-day service. In the unlikely event you have a service need, your service call takes priority.

Why Climate Design?

– Have been in business for more than 40 years! You can rest assured we’ll be around delivering precision tune-ups and service for a long time to come!

– Are efficient, yet thorough. Our 26-point precision tune-up only takes 45 minutes to an hour.

– Are the only company to meet the State of Florida qualifications to sell multi-year agreements.

– A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

– Recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award.

– Trane Comfort Specialist (Trane’s highest dealer designation).

Climate Design HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Check and update coolant levels. Coolant levels that are too high or too low can affect the efficiency of the system. A reduction in coolant levels of 10 percent can potentially increase operating costs by as much as 20 percent!

Replace or clean dirty air filters. Dirty air filters are the primary cause of outages that require onsite repairs. Dirty air filters can cause the units to work harder and will affect the quality of the air the system produces.

Clean, balance and calibrate the thermostats. Electricity consumption decreases by 8 percent for each degree a thermostat is lowered. Additionally, dirt in the housing can affect temperature readings. A thermostat that has been bumped and loses its level can also affect the accuracy of the temperature calibration.

Inspect and clean condenser and evaporator coils. Dirty coils reduce energy efficiency and make the compressor run longer than necessary.

Inspect wiring and connections. Damaged or old wiring can be a fire hazard. Improper connections can affect voltage and flow of current, which can damage your system.

Check that the unit cycles on and off properly. The systems should come on, run through a full cycle and then shut off properly. If not, the units may be wasting energy and not providing the level of comfort you expect.

Clean out the compressor housing. Leaves, dirt and other debris can get trapped in the housing and affect the airflow around the unit. If the compressor is exposed to full sunlight, planting shrubs nearby or installing barriers around the unit can provide needed shade and reduce the temperature of the unit itself.

Check and clean drains and tubing. Tubes can become clogged and water can back up and damage not only the unit but nearby structural areas of the building. Drains and tubing should be checked to make sure they are all properly moving water outside of the building.

Lubricate all moving parts. Air conditioning units can become sluggish if the fans and motors that make a unit work are not properly oiled.

Check the area around the unit. Make sure the area around the unit has been cleared and no vegetation has been allowed to grow too close to the compressor. Restricted airflow around the unit can reduce efficiency by up to 15 percent.

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