Why Your HVAC Needs a Check-Up Before You Heat Up

Why Your HVAC Needs a Check-Up Before You Heat Up

Winter is just around the corner in Florida! While we’re lucky enough to stay warm most of the year, we do face slight cold snaps here and there. That means most Floridians are getting ready to turn on their heat for the first time in a year! While we usually only worry about the warmer weather, Florida natives need to be thinking about those chilly nights ahead. If you’ve skipped your annual fall maintenance this year, then that means you could be in for a nasty surprise when the cold gets here. Broken or inefficient heating systems may cool down your winter plans. That’s why every Floridian needs to make sure they get an HVAC check-up before it’s time to heat up!

Your HVAC System

Most people know that AC stands for “air conditioning,” and in Florida, that’s the only part we pay attention to! However, “heating” is another part of your HVAC system, and it’s the one that we often ignore.

Your HVAC comes with a heating pump to keep you warm in the winter. However, since it’s not often used in Florida, we forget about it. Just like the summer puts a high demand on your AC, the winter puts added stress on your heat pump. It’s essential that you get every part of your heating system checked out before the Florida winters hit.

Winter Blues

If you ignore your heating system, you may have some added winter blues this year. Your heat pump is hardly used all year, so when you finally do use it, there may be unexpected problems. The last thing anyone wants is to find out that their heat pump has fallen into disrepair. Not getting your heat pump maintenance may lead to higher electric bills, poor air quality, an iced pump or even a broken system. Not exactly what anyone wants when the temperature drops outside, right?

Don’t Be Left Out In the Cold!

If you haven’t received your fall HVAC maintenance yet, what are you waiting for? Call Climate Design today! Our experienced technicians will ensure that your system is ready for the cold. With the help of Climate Design you’ll stay cozy and warm all winter long!