HVAC and Plumbing Goals in 2016

HVAC and Plumbing Goals for 2016

What are your goals for 2016? There are simple actions you can take as you move into 2016 to help ensure your HVAC and plumbing stay healthy and happy for the year to come. Read on to learn more about our top tips for maintaining your home’s HVAC and plumbing — and have peace of mind in the coming months.

Goals #1: Check the Pipes

Stop a problem with your pipes before they start. Inspect all visible pipes in your home to see if there is any rust or visible corrosion. You can prevent corroded pipes by installing lead-free ones where it is easy to do. Regular plumbing maintenance by a professional can ensure that there are no unexpected back-ups during the year.

Goals #2: Keep Drains Clear

Don’t let food and other debris backup into your drains. Make sure you flush your drains regularly and avoid putting expandable foods — like bananas and potatoes — in your garbage disposal. Regularly check your drains to make sure water is not left standing in your sink. Take care of clogs quickly.

Goals #3: Clean Your Exterior Compressor

Your exterior air conditioner compressor can get dirty because it is outside. Follow the proper and safe steps to clean both the inside of your compressor, the outside of it and the area surrounding it. You want to remove debris and foliage that builds up around your exterior compressor.

Goals #4: Keep Your Clogged Evaporator Drain Clean

Clean your evaporator drain if it is plugged. Over a period of time, the coil connected to the drain can build up with mold and algae. It’s best to have professional HVAC technicians handle it. You’ll want to remediate that as soon as possible to keep your inside air clean and mold-free.

Goals #5: Call Climate Design for Your Yearly HVAC and Plumbing Checkup

We hope you achieve all of your goals this year! The team at Climate Design knows Florida weather and the conditions that can be present in a humid environment. Climate Design will help ensure your home is ready for those challenges — and overcome them — as you move into the new year. Contact the experts at Climate Design now to schedule.