How Tree Roots Can Damage Your Plumbing System

How Tree Roots Can Damage Your Plumbing System

Large, lush trees help beautify and shade our yards and can be effective in reducing energy use when properly placed. However, while the tops of trees come with all sorts of benefits, tree roots can be particularly pesky — especially when it comes to your plumbing system.

Tree roots can cause serious damage to underground sewer pipes, leaving you with costly repairs to take care of. Learn more about how roots can harm plumbing systems and how to prevent the occurrence.

Why Do Tree Roots Damage Plumbing Pipes?

It can all be explained by nature. As living things, trees are constantly searching for sources of water and nutrients to help them grow taller and stronger. If a tree root grows near a plumbing pipe, and that pipe happens to have a tiny leak in it, the tree may take advantage of it. The root will enter the pipe through the crack to absorb the water.

What Kinds of Damage Do Tree Roots Cause to Plumbing Pipes?

After a tree root has invaded a pipe, the existing crack will become larger and more troublesome over time. The root may also wedge itself deep enough into the pipe to create a clog. In the most extreme cases, tree roots can cause pipes to burst open completely.

How to Prevent Plumbing Damage From Tree Roots

Avoid Pipes When Landscaping. You might have to call your local utility company to help you find the location of underground pipes. Once you know where they are, you’ll be able to avoid planting new trees near where they are located. You should also avoid planting trees near sewers and drains.

Plant Trees with Shallow Root Systems. You don’t have to sacrifice shade to get a tree with a shallow root system. Elms, maples, birches, and poplars are shallow rooted trees that still provide lush canopies.

Install barriers. To protect your pipes, you can install metal or wood barriers designed to stop roots from growing through them.

How Tree Roots Can Damage Your Plumbing System

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