How to Reset a Garbage Disposal

how to reset a garbage disposal

If you spend lots of time whipping up delicious meals in your kitchen, then your garbage disposal is likely one of your most valued appliances – that is, until it stops working. Although garbage disposals are a convenient appliance, they can malfunction when you need them most.

Fortunately, if your garbage disposal has stopped running, it may just need to be reset.

Read on to learn how to reset your garbage disposal and how you can prevent the need to reset it in the future.

Resetting a Garbage Disposal

Resetting your garbage disposal is simple and can be completed in three easy steps. Sometimes, your garbage disposal may not reset on the first try. If yours doesn’t, repeat these steps.

Step 1. Set the disposal switch to the “OFF” position.

Step 2. Your appliance should have a red button. Press the red button and if it does not stay retracted, try again in 10 minutes.

Step 3. Turn on the water and flip the disposal switch to the “ON” position. The disposal should be working normally now.

If the reset button on your garbage disposal won’t stay in, or if you find that you are having to repeatedly reset the appliance, it may require a professional repair or replacement.

Why Did the Garbage Disposal Stop Running?

Resetting your garbage disposal should get it up and running again, but it’s important to understand why it shut off in the first place.

Garbage disposals are designed to shut off automatically under certain conditions to prevent damage. If you run the appliance for too long, if it overheats, if there is something obstructing the blades, or if there is something else wrong with it, the garbage disposal will shut off.

If you find yourself frequently resetting your garbage disposal, keep these tips in mind to keep your appliance running properly.

Run Water While the Garbage Disposal Is On

Make sure you have water flowing when your garbage disposal is running. Water helps to flush the drain pipes. If it’s too dry within the appliance, it will have a hard time processing food waste.

Be Gentle with the Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal can dispose of food waste, but don’t give it more than it can handle. Don’t put too much food down the garbage disposal at one time. Too much food waste puts excess strain on the appliance and can cause it to overheat.

Remember, You Can’t Put Everything Down the Garbage Disposal

Your appliance can’t handle any and all food waste. Artichokes, bones from meat or fish, celery, coffee grounds, corn cobs, fruit pits or rinds, grease or oil, pasta, and potato peels should never be put down the drain.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement in Clearwater

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