How to Replace a Toilet Seat

How to Replace a Toilet Seat

If you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your bathroom, you may be wondering if it’s possible to simply replace the  toilet seat yourself. Many people don’t realize that installing a new toilet seat is an easy DIY project that you can do in 15 minutes or less with just a few simple tools – here’s how:

3 Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Toilet Seat

Before we get into the easy tutorial for how to replace a toilet seat, there are a few factors to consider.

1. The size of your toilet bowl

Before you select a new toilet seat, you will want to measure the size of your toilet bow. Most toilets are a standard size, which makes purchasing a replacement easy. But if you want to double check, take a measuring tape and measure the distance between the bolt holes on the toilet bowl. When you select a replacement seat, make sure the measurements are the same.

2. The style of the toilet seat

There are two basic styles of toilet seats. Standard toilet seats are round, but you can choose an elongated variety if you prefer the look. Some toilets have additional features like a “whisper close” seat that has a pad on the bottom to prevent the seat from slamming against the bowl.

3. The color

While some homeowners don’t care about the look of their toilet seat, some may want to consider what’s available to them before they buy the first option they see. Toilet seats go beyond the traditional white color. If you want something with a little contrast or flair, look online.

Removing the Old Toilet Seat


    • Flathead screwdriver
    • Adjustable wrench or pliers
    • Lubricating oil like WD-40


Step 1. Remove the bolt caps if necessary. Take a look at the edge of your old toilet seat, close to the tank. If there are plastic caps where the seat’s hinges are attached to the toilet bowl, remove these. To do so, you can use your flathead screwdriver to gently pry them off.

Step 2. Loosen the nuts. Locate the nuts, which should be underneath the edge of your toilet bowl. Using your adjustable wrench, turn each nut counterclockwise to loosen.

Step 3. Remove the bolts. The bolts are located at the base of the hinges on top of the toilet bowl. Remove these by turning them counterclockwise with either your screwdriver or wrench until they come off. If there are washers, remove those too.

If the bolts are rusted or stuck in place, they might take a little more effort to remove. Try spraying the threads with WD-40 and letting it sit for 10 minutes before trying to remove them again.

Step 4. Toss the old hardware. Lift the bolts out of the toilet bowl. Then, remove the toilet seat and the hinges. Toss these out to make room for your new toilet seat.

Installing Your New Toilet Seat

Step 1. Set the new toilet seat in place. Take your new toilet seat and align the new hinges where the old hinges were. Set the new hardware in an accessible location off to the side.

Step 2. Drop the bolts into place. Take the new bolts and drop them into through the holes in the hinges and toilet bowl. The head of the bolts should be on top.

Step 3. Thread the nuts onto the bolts. Turn the nuts clockwise onto the bolts until they are as tight as you can them with your hand. Then, use your adjustable wrench to tighten them a little more.

Note that some toilet seats snap into place rather than driving bolts through the hinges. If this is the type of toilet seat you have, drop the bolts directly into the holes on both sides of the toilet bowl. Then, fix them in place with the nuts.

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